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06 Oct 2013


When you mention the name Max Cavalera in metal circles, it commands attention...

06 Oct 2013

Sabaton-Swedish Empire Live

Sabaton Live!!!

03 Oct 2013


Unholy hell, is it 1986 all over again!?!

30 Sep 2013

As They Fulfill Their Long Awaited Dream: Death Angel's Mark Osegueda

Death Angel has overcome many obstacles placed before them, only to emerge miraculously…

30 Sep 2013

Orchid-The Mouths Of Madness

It's been a hot minute since I busted out the pen but I do remember a few basic rules…

03 Sep 2013

D.O.A.-Welcome to Chinatown

The soon to be celebrated D.O.A. double live album, "Welcome to Chinatown" is here…

07 Aug 2013


Thundering blast beat, high adrenaline, crunchy, hypersonic metal up yer ass!

25 Jul 2013

Occultist-Death Sigils

Last year I had the good fortune to have a listen to Occultist's "Hell By Our Hands"…

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