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25 Jan 2014

Sons Of The Soil-Interview With C.F.A.'s Cody Foster

ThrashHead catches up to Tacoma local and C.F.A. bassist Cody Foster

12 Jan 2014

Help Celebrate Memphis' Birthday By Feeding The Less Fortunate

I am hoping to enlist your help. I am working with a very good friend of mine's…

12 Jan 2014

Crime-Extortion 7"

An EP from this punk rock band from San Francisco originally putting music out in…

12 Jan 2014

Cruor-Demo Cassette

This is a five song demo by one of Northern California's wildest purveyors of noisy…

12 Jan 2014


I picked up a demo from these guys nearly 2 years ago and right away was drawn to…

12 Jan 2014

Throwing Down With The Metal at Crabby Don's

A Saturday night show!!! For us old timers these rule!!

31 Dec 2013

Doperunner-Smutpeddler Demo

If you remember Forced Instinct, Aberrant, and Catheter, which, by all means, you…

31 Dec 2013

Mad Max Shares His Favs Of 2013

What goddamn business do I have writing one of these one might ask?

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