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BAND: Worms Feed
ALBUM: Black Snow 7" EP
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Val Landrum
Nov 08 2011

Dark and complex hardcore out of Belgium that swells with intensity and anger. The first track is titled 'Black Snow' and starts with discordant guitars that creep before the band erupts into the song with rage. The drums pulse with a lot of action and complexity.

There is a ton of anticipation on this one and once the riffs really kick in then it all makes sense, but it is short lived. It feels like there is one intro on top of another and the body of the song is just too short and then a long outro.

I really like the sonic quality of this ep. The guitars sound great and the bass is plunky and clear. The drums pound with ferocity.

The second song is 'Memories' and it is a little more to my liking. The riffs seem to sink a bit deeper on this one. The artwork for this looks great, all dark and gritty.

These guys have a lot of promise and I can tell that they are talented musicians. I like their riffs but I just wish they would go longer. These guys definitely sound pissed off but the screamo vocal style has never really been my thing and here it is the only thing that keep me from really liking this. Powerful and unrelenting for sure.

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