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ALBUM: Dirge
YEAR: 2011


Written By: Josh Mosh
Jul 13 2011

"This. Is. Grindcore" says the promo sticker on the packaging.  And that is about as an accurate statement as I've heard all day.

Ya' see, the way I look at it is Grindcore usually lives in or leans to one of two camps: punk or metal.  On a scale of 1 to 10 punk would be the 1 and metal would be the 10.  Straight up grind would be the 5.  WORMROT would be a 4, they lean slightly towards the punk side and in my opinion that is good.  I don't like when grind gets to technical and turns into some sort of math metal mish mash of shit.  My two favorite grind bands are PHOBIA and NAPALM DEATH hands down.  PHOBIA probably get a 3 as they have some straight-up hardcore punk jams, NAPALM DEATH would probably get a 6 as they have the Death Metal thing in their history.

Unlike PHOBIA, WORMROT never bust a punk jam but in the rawness and simplicity they still pull inspiration from the punk world.  The rawness of the disc also promotes their hardcore tendencies.  And with 25 tracks in 18 minutes there isn't a lot of time to fuck around getting all match metal complicated.  Get in and get out, like a Navy SEALS operation...

The lyrics are some of the most negative lyrics I've read in awhile and certainly impacted my mood with how violent they are in their displeasure of humanity.  The words fully reflect this bands sickened disdain for the human race and paint a picture of a species that perhaps deserves to kill itself off.

For sheer aggression and grinding mayhem this disc fucking owns!  Where I find room for criticism is in that there is no bass player and I find it to detract from what could be a very thick sound as the drums and guitar are mixed to grinding perfection.  And, again, I like to hear a more punk in my grind.  Grind purists are probably jumping up down for glee that there isn't any more punk influence in this album.

Although WORMROT is from Singapore they have already been through the US at least once, I think they've been through Denver twice and they stayed at my brother's house.  I think he said they were nice guys too.

Wormrot "Manipulation" by Earache Records

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