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BAND: Witchtrap
ALBUM: Vengeance Is My Name
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Rene
Apr 10 2012

From the South American city of Medellin, Columbia, which has been tragically shrouded by evening news sound bites and newspaper headlines, comes the blackened thrash trio Witchtrap.

Now, these dudes have been around for awhile, their first demo was released in '97, and they've had traversed some high peaks and low valleys as far as the critics are concerned; which band hasn't? And, I have to admit, some of their earlier work sounded like they weren't quite ready, but that changed with the release of "Sorceress Bitch" in 2002 which garnered a healthy amount of respect.

Like many a band in the underground, their history is dominated by splits, comps and EPs having released only three, yep count 'em, three full-lengths in their 19 year history: the aforementioned "Sorceress Bitch", 2006's "No Anesthesia" and this one.

As you can see, it's been a long ass time since their last LP, and by the sound of it, they've spent their time well honing their sound; while "Sorceress Bitch" is an underground classic, they certainly lost a bit of momentum on "No Anesthesia", but this appropriately titled offering does NOT disappoint!

The acoustic intro reminds me, ever so slightly, of Oz's "Diary of a Madman"; it's about as "mellow" as this album gets and preps you to hear some sick tunes before the adrenaline fed tour de force of "Winds Of War" kicks into high gear.

Witchtrap keeps things fast, but do change it up from time to time with some very nice riffs and beats which seem to harken back to the early years of metal; though still crunchy as hell, a couple songs slow down quite a bit where they concentrate on just playing solid metal; "The Queen of Hell", with its killer rhythm and lead is a fine example of this...there are even some added surprises from the guitar in this song which you are not at all expecting and they seem to work nicely!

"Vengeance Is My Name" is chock full of unyielding metal which is very much worthy of your attention; "Damned To The Core", "The Queen of Hell", "Metal", "Vengeance Is My Name", "Pay In Blood", "I'll Take Your Head" are some of my favorite tracks (hell, that's almost the entire album!).

The final verdict? Your forehead will most assuredly become a red and swollen bloody mess from banging it against the stage!

Witchtrap - Damned To The Core (NEW SONG - 2012) by Fabrício Gabriel

Witchtrap - Queen Of Hell by Andrés Martínez

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