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BAND: Witchhaven
ALBUM: Terrorstorm
YEAR: 2011


Written By: Josh Mosh
Dec 29 2011

This is an album that might already be familiar to many as it was originally released as a cassette by Witchhammer Productions out of Thailand and then on vinyl by Sweden's Blood Harvest records. This is Metalhit's turn at bat and they are putting it out on CD in a limited edition digipak.

WITCHAVEN borrow from Thrash, Black Metal and even Crust. Their influences and these varied styles can be heard within the context of a single song and certainly across the scope of the entire album. Listen to that beefy thrash riff after the breakneck intro of 'Dawn of the Unholy'; it's a fricken' nutgrabber, a riff for built for a pitting if there ever was one. The guitar solos pierce the din in classic Kerry King fashion stabbing the sonic assault in a bloody frenzy! But that's not to say they don't know when to add just a smitten of melody in...let's say from the Tipton school of shred as they showcase on the opening track 'A.D.D.' All in KREATOR is strong reference point when trying to find a comparison for their sound.

The vocals really remind me of Toxine from the early WITCHERY stuff. They are black, scary, seething with anger and screamed like the death cries of dying demon. In short they are badass.

Lerby, the drummer, surely knows his way around the kit with his relentless double-bass and machine gun snare but it's on tracks like 'Unholy Copulation' that he shows his true prowess by making use of the entire kit and pounding the piss out of those toms with some killer fills. My one critique would be the over triggered kick drum on the intro to 'A.D.D.' I don't like triggers much, but it is not as apparent throughout the rest of the album.

Even in the wake of their recent popularity they still find time to play a local punk and crust show. January 6th they are sharing a bill in LA with ANS, AGAINST EMPIRE, ARMISTICE, TEMPLE of DAGON and more! That is sure to be a one hell of a show offering a lineup of bands that only a city like LA could.

The cover art is sick as fuck with a nice pen and ink drawing of some demonic war-beast unleashing it's fury on a modern city in the form automatic weapons. And is it a coincidence that the album shares a title with and Alex Jones documentary? I wonder.

This is a very well rounded release as each song has an identity of its own while always being identifiable as WITCHAVEN. This is a highly entertaining release and worth seeking out in your preferred format.




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