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BAND: WItchcraft
ALBUM: Legend
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Fish
Oct 25 2012

Started in 2000 by vocalist Magnus Pelander just to record a Pentagram cover album, WITCHRAFT have now released 3 subsequent albums of original material and have become Sweden's finest psychedelic/classic rock band. Now the band, also including Simon Solomon (guitars), Tom Jondelius (guitars), Oscar Johansson (drums) and Ola Henriksson (bass) prepare to release their first album in 5 years, "Legend". If you have never checked these guys out, you're really missing out on some seriously awesome vintage revival style heavy metal! I really like what I'm hearing here. This is a progressively melodic psychedelic fusion of pure raw talent here! This is modern classic metal at its finest!

WITCHCRAFT kick off "Legend" with the track "Deconstruction", entering your ears with satisfying classic form riffs and leading into a pounding metal riff, topped by vocalization and style so reminiscent of old Sabbath and Deep Purple this was taking me back to such a rad time in my youth. The interlude leads and bridges are nothing less than pure gold here! Moving right along to "Flag of Fate", the pure talent of this amazing group of musicians continues to present itself to a satisfied listener. Out of the total of 9 tracks here, none fall short in length or quality, and that is to include production. Everyting is gracefully balanced on "Legend" to give you true musical immersion the higher this album will inevitably continue to find its way on your volume setting. Even Nigel would take it up to 11!!

Now, collectors dig this, not only has this album just been released in digipak form, but also on double vinyl with a bonus track. What's even cooler than that? There is a deluxe digipak edition featuring the same bonus track as the double vinyl (you gotta love double vinyl!). Okay, that just can't get any cooler, you say? Wrong. For a limited time, you can also find a 7" colored vinyl package for sale!! I know, right?!!

Hey look, man, this thing just hit the stores, so your chances are still good, but don't waste time; get your orders in now. "Legend" is available for order online and available for download on iTunes, but is boasting shelf space in stores worldwide.

Be sure to also check out and follow WITCHCRAFT at the official site, Facebook and on Twitter.

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