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BAND: Witch Cross
ALBUM: Fit For Fight
YEAR: 2012 Repress

Roadrunner (1984)/ Hell's Headbangers (2012)

Written By: Wes
Oct 01 2012

This rare gem from the golden age of heavy metal has been given a new lease on life thanks to the kind folks at Hell's Headbangers (HHR). Witch Cross, who hail from Scandinavian nation Denmark, formed in 1979 and kick started their nation's budding heavy metal scene just before the emergence of fellow countrymen Mercyful Fate and Artillery. In fact, this album was produced by the same man whose name was made famous to metal nerds by the credits on the back of Fate's legendary first two LPs Melissa and Don't Break The Oath. Released the same year as Don't Break The Oath, Fit For Fight showcases a band in the midst of battle between the old guard of classic heavy metal and the emergent thrash scene of the day. Tracks like "Night Flight In Tokyo" and "Rocking The Night Away" literally scream the 1970's. While songs like "Fight The Fire", "Light Of A Torch" and the instrumental jam "Axe Dance" fit right in with the shred of 80's speed metal; which is not to say that this album feels disjointed at all, because it isn't.

If these guys were from England, they'd have been lumped in with NWOBHM groups like Saxon and Tygers of Pan Tang but since they came out of the Danish scene, Fit For Fight, their only full-length to date, went widely overlooked for many years until HHR did a very limited re-pressing of about 100 copies last year. If you missed out on that run, like most people did, now's your chance to catch up to a long lost metal classic.


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