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BAND: Weapönizer
YEAR: 2012


Written By: Rene
Aug 20 2012

weaponizer band image

I had heard of these guys from the folks over in the Denver scene, but this is the first time I really had the chance to sit down and roll more than a couple of their songs and I have to say I am fuckin' impressed!

If the genetic material of Hellbastard, Sodom, Doom and Bathory (circa '84) could somehow be combined, the resulting hellspawn which would fall to the floor with a rush of crusty metallic afterbirth would be this band...sound sick? That's because they are sick!

The CD opens up with "Spitfire" , a rush of drums and crushing strings assault your ears...your throat is gripped by a gauntlet of leather and steel and you aren't released until their killer cover of Sodom's "Sodomy and Lust" is left ringing in your ears.

Songs like "Human Sewer" (listen below) are intense as hell, hard as anything I've heard from back in the day up to the present...they've got the chops and I hope they know it; with pulsating thrash-inspired crunchy guitar work, adrenaline fed crust punk beats and soul selling unholy growls, these guys can hold their own with some of the best of the underground...they just don't fuck around; I'd love to see them duel it out in a cage with DeathHammer; the resulting bloodshed from the melee would probably make a holding cell at GITMO after an electro-shock, errrrr "enhanced interrogation" session, seem sterile in comparison.

I can tell you right the fuck now what is most likely the last thing one sees in the pit at their shows, you know, the last thing just before some friends answer your question of "what happened?" with a "You got knocked the fuck out!"...a flying elbow! Hell yeah, it's that intimidating; wimps be forewarned!

This music is for those seeking an intense rush of aggressive, high velocity rock n roll... Weapönizer really does a fine job representing the talent that's churning out there in the abyss of the metal underground; now they are patiently waiting in the dark like a famished Bull Shark ready to snap your ass up and chomp down until you shit your pants...but their time will come! Final verdict? Solid as any out there and certainly not for the weak.


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