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BAND: Waster
ALBUM: Prey For Us
YEAR: 2012


Written By: Rick
Feb 18 2013

WASTER is a five man metal band based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba who have just put out two songs as a warm up for the new album that they are recording. This is kind of a teaser/gift for fans and a way to get people to check them out.

These two songs are killer from start to finish! They are heavy hitting and the singer's voice sounds like he's shredding his vocal chords during the whole thing, but in a really good way. The vocals are perfectly suited for these songs, giving us all the emotion and power needed. The drums and bass and pounding away in the back, and the guitar is chugging away and throwing some cool leads into the mix. Really good production with everything heard clearly and mixed well together.

They have a thrash type feel to them and are definitely a band that I will be checking out in the future. Take a look at their Facebook page and see when their new album is coming out and when they may be in your neighborhood.


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