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BAND: Wartorn
ALBUM: Iconic Nightmare
YEAR: 2013
Written By: Fish
Apr 22 2013

With the very sound they are known to their fans for, WARTORN have pumped out another fire-breathing, fuel-burning chapter to the story of dissent with a message of disgust toward the ills of modern governmental tyrannical policy they continue to launch vocal warfare towards. "Iconic Nightmare" draws the picture of a true message, not of a self- righteous, angst riddled beer fest, but one of almost nihilistic misanthropy.

For those of us that are familiar with WARTORN, "Iconic Nightmare" presents a brilliant new release of even more energy than ever before. Not only is the recording quality pure and clear, but Bitty's vocals are again on top of his game---loud and angry.

For those that are unfamiliar with WARTORN, they are a unique heavily metal-influenced D-beat crust band from Appleton, Wisconsin and feature members of Dresden, Remission and Words That Burn. Now, while wavering through melodic death metal grooves and blood pumping thrash metal interludes and breakdowns, their intense D-beat destruction never leaves the forefront of the battleground. Known for climaxing intros and determined leads, WARTORN present an even higher level of straight forward aggressive urgency with "Iconic Nightmare".

The eponymous introductory track starts right off with their fantastic signature, but surprised the shit out of me when it jumped right into itself louder, clearer and faster. "Unfinished Blueprint" clearly denotes the band's political intentions, as does "All Flags Still Burn". There is no doubt this group has the balls to not fall prey to the temptation of censorship.....the fight it. Continuing to show the strong development of the hardcore scene that even I first became aware of years ago when I had first moved to Colorado, WARTORN are perfecting their art.

"Iconic Nightmare" is their debut album with Southern Lord Records, a label previously known for carrying more sludgy and doomy acts than this, but who have been taking a bold step outside the norm to work with punk acts such as this, and WARTORN have not let them down.

The awesomely lash CD (for $10) as well as the limited edition white vinyl ($12) are available through Southern Lord, but you could also keep in touch with these guys on Facebook and catch them live where you can meet the band and pick up some killer merch!


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