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BAND: Warcollapse
ALBUM: Defy! 12 inch
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Attucks
Feb 17 2012

"Blazed and drunk, stoner punk!" Fucking right! I am cold as hell in my warehouse after a midwinter blizzard blew through and this one is warming me bones! I hear a record like this and I am pumped that there is this type of crusty D-beat. I love this kind of heavy ass, fist pounding punk rock.

First off the dynamics of the whole record is great. At times I could say that it reminds me a little of Piss Christ with a bit gnarlier vocals but then there is always a unique twist. Sometimes they are raging fast but then next song they will slow down into some creeping heavy jam. Like on the first side, they slow it down with a mid tempo thrasher like Secticideto. Then slide into the ultra- heavy Defy! just to shoot right back up to speed and blast out the gates with Expendable. The flow of the songs across the entire record makes for a most delectable quaff of furious crusty punk rock.

Killer vocals that are nice and deep. Jalle grinds his voice box out uttering about a range of political topics from left over Cold War shipwrecks to resisting arrest. Oh, and yes, puffing bud as well. "One last round before we die, before the missiles crossed the sky. One last high the end is nigh, cheers and good buy."

Nice tuned downed distorted guitar tones and clear drums that make it easy to pick out snare and bass. Just straight rad vocals, rad guitars and rad drums. It's the type of recording that sounds like you have it cranked even when you don't. Brutal stuff! This record is easy to flip over a couple times on your record player before changing it out for something else.

In all truth I never really got to hear these guys. I had heard of them for a long ass time but sad to say, I held a blind eye to them. I ignored them for no real reason at all, either. There is so many bands that start the name with the word war and for some unknown reason they kind of got lost in the mix for me. I mentioned to a bud that I was reviewing this and he yanked off his hat and thrust it into my face to show me the Warcollapse patch on the front that he had sown with dental floss. After that I knew this was going to be a good one and it didn't let me down at all. Defy! has been in constant rotation on my turntable since I got it. It's nice to get records like this.

Oh....And this is the second pressing, hence the new found excitement over a record that has been around for a little while.

Warcollapse - Stoner Punk by rafaelbragagnolo

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