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BAND: Warbringer
ALBUM: IV: Empires Collapse
YEAR: 2013
Written By: Rene
Oct 19 2013

Warbringer IV: Empires Collapse album cover artwork

If there was one word to sum up this album it would be: FUCK! This is straight up thrash my friends, it just grabs you by the back of the neck and mercilessly hurls your sorry ass into the pit!

Warbringer has always been one of the best of the new school, sticking to the time proven formula of blistering fast heavy metal; the whole band unleashes everything they got at this, John Laux just tears shit up with some amazingly epic leads and crunch, Kevill's vocals continues to show he has the chops; he shouts with such fury you'd think he was about to bust down your door and kick your fucking ass!

IV: Empires Collapse sees the departure of John Laux's brother Andy and heralds the arrival of Jeff Potts on bass; needless to say, he had some pretty fucking big shoes to fill and has met the challenge head on, throwing down with some impressive bass work! We also see that Adam Carroll has been replaced with Jeff Potts while Carlos Cruz remains on the kit pounding away like a gladiator at his enemy's skull in a Roman Coliseum!!! The new lineup is as tight as it has ever been and I feel sorry for whomever owned the studio they recorded this in, 'cause Warbringer most assuredly burned that fucking place down!!!

Boys and girls, there is no pussyfooting around, Warbringer is as metal as it gets today, they can certainly hold their own with any of the greats of today or yesteryear. And, I suppose that's what I've always liked about Warbringer, they have always meshed well with the sound which began on the west coast so many decades ago, just pouring out rage with bone shattering riffage and rhythms that make the listener want to bang their heads.

The songs on this are difficult to explain, I mean, there are times when you get this hardcore punk vibe like on "Scars Remain" and have hints of Mercyful Fate in the string work on tracks like "Leviathan" while not losing any cohesion; it's Warbringer from beginning to end, and none of the songs are such a radical departure from this band's style that they feel somehow out of place with this album, or any of Warbringer's previous ass kicking releases for that matter. To put it bluntly, they are evolving in such a way that you know they are being true to their roots and influences; few bands can boast that each of their albums are chock full of face melting awesomeness.

Listen, you're probably used to me by now ranting and raving how such and such album is killer, or such and such band are bad ass, but really, there is nothing I can say to detract from what Warbringer has become; one tight outfit who crushes all opponents!

Doesn't fucking matter if you're some oldschool purest or a whippersnapper who is just beginning to understand what heavy metal really fucking is and needs to be schooled, Warbringer is the proverbial shit!!!!

Warbringer - Hunter Seeker by WarbringerOfficial

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