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BAND: War//Plague
ALBUM: On A Darker Dawn
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Rick
Nov 30 2012

This four piece band from Minneapolis, MN has put out their debut LP after two years of singles and splits. They play some crazy hardcore, crust and metal all mixed up together on this platter that came out on yellow vinyl for the first fifty.

The vocals on this release are really good, especially for crust because you can actually understand what he's singing about and it's almost catchy enough to sing along to. The dual guitar adds a lot of depth to this release, while the drums pound away and the bass is really heavy. They carry the death and dark imagery all the way through from the cover to the lyrics which makes for a cohesive release. The production on this is really good, it's not too clean, so you get all of the power from the band, but dirty enough to give it the grittiness it deserves.

This is a pretty good release that fans of this genre will be happy to hear and hopefully will get some more people into this band that normally don't listen to this style. They are a gem in the rotting crust filled corpses of lesser bands. Check out their Facebook for when they are coming to a venue near you. 

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