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BAND: Voodoo Highway
ALBUM: Broken Uncle's Inn
YEAR: 2011


Written By: Rene Trujillo
Jul 01 2011

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This album is definitely holds more of a parallel to the 70's hard rock roots of heavy metal (the intro to the album is called "Intro (from 1972)"  than anything else I can recall listening to in the past few years; Without a doubt,  it is an amazing offering from Voodoo Highway.

"Whoa, whoa, what just a minute, hard rock?" Do I hear you shrilly ask?  Well let me reply by saying that this band is very similar to what many of us listened to back in the day, I couldn't pass up the chance to review it.   Yes, if they become huge they may very well become a staple of so called "classic rock" radio, but nevertheless, this album simply jams. ( Just have a listen below)

Right off the bat you can catch the stylings of ELF, Deep Purple, and even a smidgen of Thin Lizzy, Voodoo Highway is obviously emulating the style of this period, but they do it so well.  As, I just mentioned, it does have a strong 70's style vibe going for it, but it doesn't seem forced like you might have with a "tribute" type band, which they are not, it flows forth from the speakers naturally in such a way that it makes you feel that you are actually listening to an album which had been produced almost four decades prior.

At first listen, you may mistake this band as being one which is firmly rooted in the hard rock scene of the U.K. or North America, but these guys come from Italy, and it goes to show that they have studied their preferred style of music well;  Federico Di Marco's singing is like that of a young Ian Gillan and Alessandro Duo's organ playing only adds to the Deep Purple comparison.  Matteo Bizzarri guitar is an unbridle fury of hard rocking riffs which is backed up by Filippo Cavallini's Bass whose playing reminds me a bit of Geezer Butler's  (Sabbath) style, and rounding off the group is Lorenzo Gollini playing his kit with an expertise which would have made Jakson Spires smile.

Apparently, this group has already made quite the impression in Europe, being compared to the likes of Deep Purple. Here is  quote from  the legendary Bass maestro Craig  Gruber, who coincidentally played with Rainbow, Black Sabbath, ELF, Gary Moore and The Rods : "The new movement of heavy metal has arrived! This band is the next Deep Purple!"

Now too much comparing, can actually be counterproductive, people can easily dismiss a band as being a "knock off" of the real thing, but in the case of Voodoo Highway, they have a sound which is unique in today's age, but would have been familiar to those who came before us and it rocks!

And, as a side note, I really dig the cover art by Silvia Favarato, if you were able to look closely at a reproduction blown up, you can make out the texture of canvas... right on! Now that's oldschool for ya, no photoshop there bubba.

The Rock world be advised 'cause there is a new legion on the march from Italy!

Voodoo Highway - 'Till It Bleeds (Official Album Version) by Voodoo Highway

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