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BAND: Vomit Slaughter
ALBUM: Are You Fucking Shitting Me?
YEAR: 2013


Written By: Fish
Feb 10 2014

Vomit Slaughter band portrait

So, it isn't any real secret that I have a penchant to pick up tapes and CDs from random underground bands all over the place, either through old school cash-in-an-envelope mail order, picking up some obscure find at the local record store in a box just brought in by some chap trying to get a few bucks, or directly at a show after catching a new act. I have done this since I was a teenager, and find that in doing so, I have come across some amazing gems in music that have become integral parts of my collection. Here, I wish to introduce you to another such band, VOMIT SLAUGHTER, a three piece act out of Colorado of purely riveting grindcore savagery that deserves some serious attention.

Made up of Tyler Cantrell on drums, Tyler Dudley on guitar, and Caitlin McGee on vokills, this trio have been playing together for just under 2 years and have released their first album "Are You Fucking Shitting Me?" in traditional DIY fashion.

I want to start with the music. VOMIT SLAUGHTER have laid down 13 tracks of fucking mind blowing brutality! A force here I had no idea I was even in for! I was skeptical, knowing there was only one guitarist and a drummer taking the reigns of the musical side of this project, that there might be some void spaces left to fill. After all, few bands have been able to manage this, and those can be tough acts to follow. Not only was I not disappointed, but I was really energized by these guys! They really did it! And McGee's vocal performance is a profound force to be reckoned with too. She proves that she is qualified and prepared to stand her ground against any veteran as a worthy newcomer! Holy shit, these guys are good!

Cantrell's blasting percussions furiously back Dudley's groove balanced, six string assault! And this balances between hard punching riff attacks to heavy metal gallops, never losing cadence once. With titles like "I Feel Fantastic...I'm Falling Apart", "Hollowed Out", and "Bleak", the foundation gets set here in defining the lyrical content of the album, which deals primarily with face to face confrontations with some of life's toughest situations and addressing them aggressively. The only digression this takes is on the last track, "A World Demolished To A Grain Of Sand", which asks to take a look at the condition of humanity setting the stage for it's own impending doom.

The audio quality here is that which you might expect to find from an underground recording, but certainly the work of a professional as well. I mean, this sounds fantastic! The balance is wonderful and everything is present. Engineered by Colin Starner, and featuring the photography of Bob Osborn, cover art Tom Mares, as well as art contributions by Angela Hernandez and Tyler Cantrell himself, "Are You Fucking Shitting Me?" is lavishly jewel encased with an awesome lyrical and credit insert, and is available directly from the band, which can be contacted on Facebook, where you can also follow them for upcoming show and tour info. Trust me, this is one tough act!

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