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BAND: Voivod
ALBUM: To The Death 84
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Brian Brinson
Nov 19 2011

Nearly 30 years ago four friends from Quebec, Canada formed a band influenced largely on the new wave of British heavy metal and the developing hardcore punk scene. The dystopian ideal of what seemed to be an impending nuclear threat, Regan-era cold war politics and post-apocalyptic future was what drove these young artists to find their design. That band formed as, and is still to this day known as VOIVOD. Crafting a blistering hybrid of thrash metal and punk, VOIVOD became one of the first thrash bands from Canada to gain popularity outside their country's borders. And with good reason!!

With 12 albums under their belts and having endured the loss of one of their founding members, VOIVOD have proven themselves as musically artistic geniuses, each album traversing an elliptical journey through the stages of their growing saga about a world compromised by the potential of impending doom at the hands of those who view themselves as elitist, as well as true purveyors of their message. Over the course of their tremendous history several labels have joined these legends to help them further their careers, but only now have they joined forces with none other than the founding leader of independent labels, Alternative Tentacles!! What?!! Hell yes, you heard me right.

Digging clear back into the vaults for this one, VOIVOD has collected 15 tracks of their early fast-action demos from recordings made by the band in their own jam space using nothing more than a tape recorder and a couple of microphones to bring you "To The Death 84"!! Garage quality, you ask? Not hardly. Nothing is lacking about the sound here.

Opening with the self titled "Voivod", I was immediately aware that this album was going to rip my face off!! This is nothing less than pure, hardcore, in your face thrash at its best!! No wonder these demos made these guys who they are today. Even boasting "Buried Alive" and "Bursting Out", their two Venom covers, and "Evil" a cover of Mercyful Fate, this album keeps slinging the fury right at you. Even early favorites like "Nuclear War", "Black City" and "Live For Violence" are here. Oh man, the sweat pours off my brow just listening to this!! I can't sit still!! Due for release on November 22, 2011,"To The Death 84" is a must have for fans of VOIVOD and thrash heads worldwide!!

VOIVOD - Iron Gang (from To The Death 84) by AlternativeTentacles

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