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BAND: Violentor
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Rene
Jan 16 2013

I got a taste of these Italian blackened thrash punx last year with the release of their s/t debut which was phenomenal! Their style lies somewhere in-between the blurred lines of edgy metal tinged crust and straight up bay inspired thrash.

This album immediately grabs my attention right out of the gates with a super fast barrage of crunch, blast beats and crust style shouts of aggression. Hints of Wolf Brigade and Lemmy's speed induced madness abound, with an intenseness that doesn't let up until the last note rips all the skin from your face and you're left there pummeled, wanting more!

The album reminds me of what early thrash was like, a bunch of hyper, punk influenced metalheads looking to kick it up a few notches from Venom and Discharge, there is a rawness to it while maintaining a tight and seriously heavy sound; keeping it all about the rhythm without getting lost in overly complex leads and clumsy changes.

If you're into undeniably ruthless velocity, then this album is the thing for you! Just be sure to not trash your place as you go moshing about your pad like a madman (woman)!


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