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Written By: Rene
Jul 01 2012

ThrashHead: You guys are from Lucca Italy, tell me a bit about growing up there, did you have a conservative upbringing?

RASHA: The only "conservative upbringing" is the one that everyone choose to have. Lucca is a small-mind-shitty-place to grow up... something different outside the conservative upbringing
ThrashHead: Your favorite bands growing up? Who was the first band you went to see live?

Dog: Nwobhm, thrash, punk and crust from 80's, old school Death metal, early black metal.
I saw my first concert in 1998, a Gods of Metal festival in Italy, there was Pantera, Black Sabbath with Ozzy, a lot of bands, I was mad about it!

I was not very young, those years was different then now, now guys go to concert at 15 years old, I started to go at concerts when I started to work!

ThrashHead: When did you get into becoming a musician, what motivated you? wine and women?

RASHA: I'm just "one who's doing noise for drumheads" and the only motivation I have is to do more and more noise

Dog: I liked to play guitar, I wanted to be like Dave Mustaine when i was 15, I have always been a rabid dog, Mustaine was one of my idols! :)

ThrashHead: How did Violentor come to be?

Dog: We started 2 years ago, we wanted to do a project to produce a raw sound, with heavy metal/thrash and punk influences! We were already friends from some years ago, we love to play very fast... we like to play speed.....make a lot of noise

ThrashHead: You guys have just released your self-titled debut, how long did it take you to find a label? How did you get hooked up with Oscar over at EBM Records?

RASHA: Less than one week after we put out a song onto myspace!

Dog: EBM wrote up a contract, It was amazing to do it with EBM which is a great label; they are doing great work with a lot of good bands!

ThrashHead: Your music is hard hitting, with music like "Genocide", "We Hate it All", "Dismiss the Evil", but other songs like "My Stomach Strong and Fit" show that you guys like to have fun too; what can fans expect seeing Violentor live?
Rasha: The war between us!

Dog: a lot of noise, furious headbanging, and power dbeat!

ThrashHead: What's the craziest thing to happen to you on tour?

RASHA: Feeling not drunk

Dog: ahahhaha! Never play sober!

ThrashHead: Any plans to come to the states to play some gigs? And who would you like to tour with if you did?

Dog: We would like to come to the states but it's very expensive for us, also we don't have many contacts there, we would like to meet a promoter who likes our sound and can book a tour there, but I don't know... we are here, contact us!

With new album we'll do an European Tour for sure! We've played with a lot of bands, some big names like Bulldozer, Raw Power, Fingernails, In Solitude, Aura Noir, next October, we will play with with Master and do a little Italian tour with Turbocharged from Sweden to promote our new album ROT, there will be a release party in November. I hope to do a bigger European tour for ROT and play with bands like our German friends Obsessor, and others!

ThrashHead: Ok, where did you get the nickname "Dog"?

Dog: Well, if you listened our full length you will know why!

ThrashHead: Violentor is working on new material for the next album right? Is it still slated for release in September of this year?

Dog: Yes, but we'll release the second full length in November, as I mentioned before, the album is called "ROT", we've just entered the studio and have begun the recording sessions.

ThrashHead: If a comet was going to slam into the earth and you had one week left to live, what would you want to do with that time you had left?

RASHA: Nothing more that we are not already doing! Maybe, just say GO TO HELL to everyone!

Dog: I would say: "It's finally it's time to die!"

ThrashHead: Last words for our readers?

Dog and Rasha: "UH!"

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