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BAND: Venom
ALBUM: Fallen Angels
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Josh Mosh
Jan 04 2012

VENOM are creeping up on their 40th year as a band! That is fucking down right mind boggling! My introduction to VENOM was on these cassette compilations that I got from the Woolworths in Grand Junction Colorado. 'Black Metal' was the first track I heard and I was hooked!

'Fallen Angels' marks this allegorical band's 15th studio album. It is classic, straight-up VENOM and possesses all of what we have come to expect from Cronos and crew. With Cronos' tightest backing band that he has had in some years they deliver 13 (15 on the first pressing) new tracks of the same MOTORHEAD dirty, rock n' roll and simplistic thrash that we would expect from them.

The simplicity is key to their sound as they apply the "Keep It Simple Stupid" theory of songwriting. Lyrically they stick to the same tried and true topics of being a metal head and praising Satan in a quite comical manner when compared to bands like WATAIN for example. With that said, I think Cronos is having the last laugh as it easy to see he is still having fun creating the music he loves while dudes like WATAIN are just evil and pissed off. And no matter how evil and kvlt the next up and coming band thinks they are it will never change the fact that VENOM started it all.

Although the record is very entertaining I have to admit it is not essential. I think their appeal lives mainly with a few old schoolers and a handful of retro dudes. Beyond that I can't see people rushing out to scoop this one up and that is a little unsettling because as I said earlier, it is entertaining. I mean you've got 13 new pseudo-Satanic party anthems to bang your balding head to! But "entertaining" doesn't buy cool points in a modern market where there are bazillion evil bands running amuck, playing more extreme and getting the attention and wallet share of the young metal head. In todays over saturated market it possible for a legend to get left behind, especially one that never really tapped into wider exposure as it was. Let's face it...They ever only a rung or two above ANVIL, not much more...

One thing that gets me about this album is they have a track called 'Punks Not Dead'. You cant do that! The EXPLOITED own that phrase don't they?! That's like if METALLICA were to write a new and original song and title it 'Ace of Spades'. Some song titles just can't be touched!

Hail Satan! :D
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