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BAND: Various Artists
ALBUM: Welcome To Minneapolis
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Val Landrum
Jan 24 2012

profane existence welcome to minneapolis comp poster

I fucking love comps...well, I used to. There have been a ton of really crappy comps over the years BUT, when I was a kid and had little money to spend at Wax Trax, a new comp was the best way to check out as much as possible.

Those were the days of some really killer comps too. Stuff like Cleanse The Bacteria, P.E.A.C.E./War, A Vile Peace, Digging In Water and Eye Of The Thrash Guerilla were the best way to find out about other bands. I think it was BGK that made me pick up the Peace/War comp but low and behold so many other gems that were new to me then...MOB 47, WRETCHED, UPRIGHT get the picture.

In the interim there have been some new classic comps but over the last 15 years or so the art of the compilation has gone down the tubes.

WELCOME TO MINNEAPOLIS is a refreshing mix of styles...with punk, crust and thrash bands all showing up for the party. PONX ATTAX starts this one out with a catchy punky anthem. VARIX are an all female hardcore band that sound powerful and urgent with an unrelenting mix of UK82 and later Scandi-core, that will have many thinking of NAUSEA. IN DEFENCE, of course, turn in yet another absolutely devastating track of their trademark fun time hardcore thrash apparently about their love of Legos. KONTRASEKT starts the b-side with dark, crusty, metallic mayhem that paints a blackened view of the world indeed. FAVELLA RISING has a KILLER HC track that brings INVASION and DESTINO FINAL to mind. Finally COGNITIVE DISSONANCE close the comp with a powerful track that blends grindcore with thrashy hardcore.

I really like the shorter format of a seven inch for a quick snapshot of just what is happening in Minneapolis right now. Profane Existence once again delivers with a comp that exposes a wide range of styles without having any turds in the punchbowl. I know that I will be looking for more material from some of these bands....compilation successful.

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