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BAND: Varg
ALBUM: Guten Tag
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Dave
Dec 02 2012

This is their 4th Full length player, and I must admit that I have not listened to ANY Varg until now. These Bavarians kick ass! This is the music that would be playing from my Wolfs Lair high in the Bavarian Alps!! Heathen/ Pagan Metal rules. I will get out from the rock I have been living under and pick up Varg's whole catalog.

I would love to hang out in a Bavarian tavern with VARG and have nothing but pagan metal playing on the juke box!! Several of the songs on this album would make great tavern anthems! The clean vocals interspersed with guttural/ growling/ almost grindcore is right up my alley. Varg adds the twin guitars gallop to every song!! They have good break downs and double bass beats that keep your toe tapping. Put this cd, some TYR, some Thrudsvangar and you can have your own pagan fest in your back yard.

Varg has just enough folk elements to mix it up and not become overbearing!! Grab your ale horn and praise the gods of the heathens that we have great bands like this to listen too!!!!

Varg - "Was nicht darf" HD (2012) official music video - Album: "Guten Tag" out now! by VargOfficial

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