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BAND: Vacant Throne
ALBUM: Fall Of The Feathered King
YEAR: 2012


Written By: Fish
Aug 25 2012

vacant throne fall of the feathered king album cover

With the very recent release of their debut album, "Fall of the Feathered King", VACANT THRONE prove right from the start that they are a formidable evolution in heavy metal music!! I just can't seem to stop listening to this album. Coining the term Aztec Power Metal to define the cultural theme of this 9-track masterpiece, VACANT THRONE sincerely does capture the elements of the Meso-American struggles and cultural ceremonies through the epic that is "Fall of the Feathered King"!! Bravo, Gentlemen!!

This quintet, calling Denver, Colorado home, have emerged to produce a riveting chapter of power metal not bound by older themes, yet not perverted by modern popularity. Although the tradition of old school power metal is very much alive within these tomes, the evidence of quantifiable evolution is also present. Just not enough can be said about what I have heard here.

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The beginning intro, "Summon the Gods", is an atmospheric sound byte laying ground for the background of the mesmerizing journey this album takes the listener on. The following tracks are all amazing musical performances by Jason Mortensen (vocals), Josh Mortensen (lead guitar), Chris Mauro (guitar/keys), Reginald Handy (bass) and Frank Candelario (drums). Right from the beginning of the second track, "The Jaguar Knight", I was immediately aware of the quality of performance and audio attention given to the production of this album. I turned the volume up to enjoy the vivid presence of transition made throughout the verse/chorus/bridge patterns, which are eloquently exchanged, not boorishly created whatsoever, and brilliantly captivating. This IS true Heavy Fucking Metal!!

By the time I had made it to "The Return of Quetzalcoatl", I was so excited by the album, I found myself driving around town with it at full blast and repeated this track 3 times! The closing track, "Genocide", even features a guest vocal performance by John Yelland of Disforia, who also joined them at their CD release show at The Roxy in Denver, along with power metal veteran Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin of Jag Panzer and Satan's Host!

"Fall of the Feathered King" is self released by VACANT THRONE in a lavish jewel case featuring an elaborate foldout insert featuring artwork, logo and layout concepts by Josh Mortensen and designed by Brutal Disorder Logos, recorded and mixed at Infernal Sound in Denver, and mastered by Chris Cox. You can also download a free digital copy while you wait for your album to arrive!

The Return of Quetzalcoatl - Vacant Throne by VacantThrone

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