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BAND: United Sons Of Toil
ALBUM: When the Revolution Comes, Everything Will be Beautiful 12”
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Attucks
Jul 25 2011

U.S.T. mingles their way through post hardcore into a noisy post punk mesh of emotion backed by super political, anarcho lyrics. At times they remind me of an early SACCHARINE  TRUST or even a really raw FUGAZI mixed in with a more basic BIG BUSINESS.

It's hard to pinpoint, well done on the originality scale. The vocals go from an assertive utter to the gravel screams of a wild maniac. The bass carries the songs through as a noisy guitar dances around the riffs and makes for a pretty eerie feel. Heavy pounding parts are accompanied by strange, almost mathematical riffs that all seem to flow with a point. I.L.O. Convention 169 is the one getting stuck in my head. "You'll bury the dead when you get home" In this song you learn about the International Labour Organization's Convention 169 which guarantees the rights to all indigenous and tribal people.

The political issues covered by this vinyl are not that of street punks falsely claiming to riot the streets. This shit is for real and is meant to be taken to heart by the listener. You will more than likely learn something from buying this record. If there is any confusion the record comes with a multi-paged booklet talking in length about the different injustices that are covered in all song's content. Complete with references. It is really well written for sure and even starts with a quote by Jiddu Krisnamurti. The opening page is their "manifesto." I found it to be a little bit hypocritical but refreshing none the less. They seem to have a pretty neat but different approach to music making and what it means to them to be in a band. I find too often, in an underground music scene that is suppose to reject the mainstream values, people can't wait to be rock star pundits of elitism.

These guys reject that stating "strive to maintain decorum in all our actions, including conservative dress and behavior during performances and interviews." I hope this doesn't mean they are boring live. They say that they are a collective, but there only seems to be three members to the band, so I would say that's a 3 piece or even maybe a power trio but that is a moot point. The red and black swirled wax accompanies a full color painting that adorns the cover.

The painting depicts Martha Boretskya with her fellow Novgrad's after opposing the Muscovites and being defeated by Ivan III. Seriously, Klavdiy Vasilievich Lebedev's painting called Martha the Mayoress at the Destruction of the Novgrorod Veche is worth checking out even if you are not into the band . Nice, you even get the added bonus of a free download coupon.

Have a listen to the album below!


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