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Written By: Josh Mosh
Jun 15 2011

dead end in venice

Melodic Death Metal lives and German act DEADEND IN VENICE has inked a promotion deal with Rock N Growl Promotion.  This female fronted 6 piece (yup 6 piece, dual vocals, there is a guy that does the growls) formed in '08 and kind of remind me a little of LACUNA COIL.  Look for their new album 'See you on the Ground" and it looks like they are hitting the European Festival circuit this summer.  For info visit Rock N Growl here.

On domestic shores California label Deep Six has a new LP from spastic grinders WEEKEND NACHOS entitled 'Worthless'.  Grind, power-violence and D-Beat fuel the corn chip grind machine.  Mailorder has 100 copies of red wax left for your cheesy, chipped leisure time.

Also on Deep Six is CYBORG where members of WEEKEND NACHOS stick to the power-violence formula in the form of red 7" slab of vinyl.

Fans of BOLTHTHROWER and ASSUCK take notice.  DEEP SIX has repressed LANDMINE MARATHON's 2008 LP 'Rusted Eyes Awake'.

DEEP SIX has a huge catalog  that is home to releases by the likes of PHOBIA and HIRAX.  Visit DEEP SIX here.

Huge news here buds!  TERRORIZER is back! YUP!  That's right the legendary grinders are finishing up a new album for French label Season of Mist.  The album is in the final stage of production but is said toterrorizer logo not be out until 2012.  Anthony Rezhawk (RESISTANT CULTURE) makes his return on vocals along side OG's David Vincent and Pete Sandoval.  Filling the shoes of the mighty Jesse Pintado will fellow RESISTANT CULTURE axe slinger Katina Culture.  I wonder if the drums will as triggered as last time.  I hope not, it was really distracting on that last album.

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