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YEAR: 2011
Written By: Josh Mosh
Jun 27 2011

Hell yeah!  A demo tape!  Yup, cassette!  This takes a guy back to the glory days of demo tapes and the idea seems to be catching on again as more bands take to this medium.  Let's get to business! TRENCH ROT plays dark hardcore that seems to draw influence from the likes of WOLF BRIGADE and SKITSYSTEM with that tight D-beat inspired Swedish crust sound.  

Josh's vocals cough up protest and punk angst in a sort of Rollins 'Damaged' era bark that also brings to mind Clifford from BL'AST or even Kevin Reed from DEATHTOLL and ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT.  The band is tight and the quality of this demo is better done than many DIY projects that make it to 7 inch or even CD.  Double guitars really fill out the sound; this stuff is thick and powerful.  The leads are well executed with are short, sonic, stabs that are placed perfectly.   Big Monster from SMD owns the bass on this one and does a hell of job keeping the hardcore tight and ready for action. 

There are only 5 songs with no lyrics or additional information.  TRENCH ROT call Garden Grove CA home and with a demo this solid we will see a lot more of them.  In fact they are queued up for a 7" in July on Do Some Harm records (formerly known as Flat Back Records) so keep your orbs peeled for that one!

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