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TITLE: TRAPPED IN A SCENE – UK Hardcore 1985 – 1989
AUTHOR: Ian Glasper
YEAR: 2010

Cherry Red Books

Written By: Josh Mosh
May 18 2011

If you haven't read 'Choose Death – An Improbable History ofGrindcore and Death Metal' you are missing the boat and need to get on thatshit!

It is a well written fun look at the early crust and grindscene and how that turned into Death Metal and modern grind with stories ofearly DOOM and NAPALM DEATH before giving way to the early Death Metalbands.

Ian Glasper has been doing an amazing job documenting the UKPunk scene since it's infancy with his books 'Britain's Burning', 'The Day theCountry Died – A History of Anarcho Punk 1980 – 1984' and now 'UKHC'.  This book is bursting at the binding withdocumentation of the UK'sresponse to the USHC scene and the logical next step for many of the peace punkbands and their members.  Countless bandscite their influences of DRI and MDC and the desire to play faster whileholding true to their peace punk ideals. The influence that SLAYER and METALLICA had on the crust and peace punkscenes is exposed by many seemingly rad "crossover" bands that may have beenforgotten about until now.

The pages of UKHC are peppered with tales of 7-SECONDSinspired posi-core bands and even a few straight-edge bands.  Along with the stories of teenage drinkingand punk rock partying there are some amazing and even funny stories throughoutthe pages such as DEVIATED INSTINCT playing with FUGAZI and of early versionsof DOOM, NAPALM DEATH, and UNSEEN TERROR all sharing and swapping members whileCHAOS UK served shit sandwiches to weary hitchhikers.

Ian Glasper puts some serious work into his creationstracking down band members to ensure the book is loaded with first handaccounts by the band members themselves. It is divided into regions of the UK highlighting the movers and shakersfrom each scene as well as a few obscure acts.

Aside from thealready mentioned heavy weights I spoke of above, we learn the origins ofCONCRETE SOX, SACRILEGE, HERESY, the STUPIDS, and AXEGRINDER, as well as lesserknown bands like ANIHILATION, CIVILISED SOCIETY?, SNUFF and dozens more.  There are many exciting photos of the punx inaction throughout the book and at the end of each chapter along withreplications of a few choice fliers.

Although I find Mr.Glasper's books to be incredibly valuable and nothing short of amazing, thewriting style is sometimes confusing as he doesn't do a great job ofdistinguishing for the reader which member of the band is speaking at any giventime.  As he jumps back and forth betweenband members to give opposing or even complimentary perspectives, it is tooeasy to lose track of who is speaking and become confused.

That aside, this is the essential document of the UKHCscene and a terrific resource to fill the holes in your knowledge of thisscene.  I've already scored some stuffoff of Ebay that I only recently became aware of due to this fine tome.  Again, an amazing document of an amazing andexciting era in punk rock, crust, grind and metal history!

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