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BAND: Toxic Holocaust
ALBUM: From The Ashes Of Nuclear Destruction
YEAR: 2013
Written By: Fish
Jul 10 2013

Back again with a real treat, Portland, Oregon's TOXIC HOLOCAUST have released an amazing chronological compilation of singles and rarities, such as demo versions from studio albums and rare singles from the various split albums they've released. Unleashed on the world by Relapse Records, "From The Ashes Of Nuclear Holocaust" is not only a treat for any current fan this fantastic thrash punk trio, but any genuine fan of thrash. I have had the chance to see these guys live, as well as check out all their studio stuff I can get my hands on and "From The Ashes Of Nuclear Destruction" doesn't disappoint as some rehashed comps from other artists occasionally do. This is a collection of prime, energetic crossover metal, the kind which finds itself getting stuck in your CD player for weeks, only making the journey from the car to the house and back again.

Founded in 1999 by Joel Grind, TOXIC HOLOCAUST has become a band whose reputation precedes their introduction. Quick to get out the gate for obvious reasons, the group have always handed down fast, furious, brutal, neck snapping, fist pumping, nose bleeding, white knuckle thrash metal at it's finest, and "From The Ashes Of Nuclear Holocaust" bring favorites from not only their previous 4 LPs, but their EPs and other demos as well, giving you 22 tracks of a solidly blistering eargasm!

Featuring the cover are of Halseycaust, and recorded at Soundhouse Recording, "From The Ashes Of Nuclear Destruction" only fell short in my eyes by lacking any liner notes from Joel himself, but I'm not complaining. Get your hands on your copy now by visiting Relapse Records, visiting your favorite music store, or better yet, catch these guys live in your area and pick up one from them personally!

Toxic Holocaust - A.T.O.M.I.C. by The Nazgul

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