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Written By: Dan
Nov 14 2012

municipal waste

RVA Thrash legends Municipal Waste is just one of those bands you gotta see live and Dan Harrington of Patac Records and Corey Bing weren't about to pass a rager like this up.

The thing is, Municipal Waste was playing the Middle East in Cambridge which is a couple hours away, no big deal you might say, but on that very night, Hurricane Sandy slammed into the East Coast of the United States!

People were wondering if it was even going to go down, I talked to Dan and he said; "Fuck it, the bridge ain't closed down, we're goin'!"

Ok, fine...but my thoughts were also for the trip coming back, I mean you can't go to a Municipal Waste show without pushing the limits of having fun, right?

The wind was howling, trees were falling, there was horizontal rain for gods sake! Would they make it back alive, would the road finish the job the pit didn't?

Well, here's proof positive, all went well on a hellish night of high octane thrash!


Corey: How's it been touring with Napalm Death? Do you feel as though your band is helping to turn kids onto some of the older bands on the tour's bill and vice versa? i.e. Napalm Death, Dayglo Abortions, Repulsion, etc.

Tony: So far we've done 3 shows and now we're stuck in a hurricane that's going to kill everyone (laughs) the shows have been great though. At times you can't help but feel nervous, it's a mixed bill, it's all totally 'extreme music' but there's always going to be people who only want to hear thrash, people who only wanna hear grind and all the other sub-genres, but this tour there's something about the mentality and the vibe that creates a good fun atmosphere, everyone's having a good time. It's been such a great experience to play with these legendary bands.

Corey: The bill, even though it's a total genre-fucker is a total no-brainer.

Dan: The tour covers true 'crossover' in every fucking way imaginable, all bands were born out of DIY ethics, it's an unspoken understanding.

Tony: Totally! It's like when you look at old flyers and shit, that's how it always was.

Dan: Bands like Saint Vitus, Black Flag, Flipper and Big Black playing VFW's together...

Tony: I love that, I want it to branch out, that's what punk and metal's all about, our band's always been like that. You know, you're out on the road, you like a band and the guys end up being cool, start playing some shows, next thing you know you're doing a full tour together.

Corey: How have your fans been receiving the new record?

Tony: It's been awesome man, every time we play, people seem to go off as much as the old shit, which is something you're always worrying about when writing a new record, it's not like where writing records to cater to the fans, but it makes you feel good when you play new stuff on the road and kids are going totally apeshit singing along to weird shit like stuff we don't have a video for, it helps remind us that people are buying records still.

Corey: What's some stuff that you guys listened to growing up that most people wouldn't expect?

Tony: Um, not the usual, like I could say Anthrax, DRI... but I really love Weird Al, Beastie Boys were like my fucking obsession for like 10 years, high school... totally the kid obsessed with the Beastie Boys, even the kids I hung out with, I'd get them into it, parties, fucking getting drunk lip-syncing Beastie Boys. I did Beastie Boys at a talent show in middle school with a couple of my friends and once again in high school, me and my friends would dress up like assholes and jump around, we of course got drunk before-hand...

Corey: Asides from this tour, who are some of the bands and venues you've enjoyed the most?

Tony: Oh man, that's such a broad question, I would say... fuck man... mostly the nostalgic ones for me like the old Richmond keg parties we used to play, or like we played our friend Billy's skate park with 9 Shocks Terror, me and Felix Havoc were outside while 9 Shocks were playing, throwing potted plants through the fucking window into the skate park, shit like that, that shit's funny... getting burned from fireworks while 9 Shocks played, we played a show in Richmond with this band Ultra Dolphins who were like this indie, noisy... i don't want to say art-rock or indie band... very experimental, good friends of ours... didn't sound anything like us, they got their shit stolen, their van got robbed on tour, came back with nothing... it was like Municipal Waste, this band Scar which was our bass player's roommate just people we hung out with all the time. Totally different bands but we all got together to raise money and sold out one of the biggest clubs there, just a great show, at the time none of the bands had blown up yet, just a bunch of friends that got together realized someone needed a hand and did something awesome, i love that, killer display of camaraderie.

Dan: There really is something to be said about bands that understand the DIY ethos, that's totally what makes this tour work.

Tony: I know, I was talking to Barney (ND) and he was like 'you guys don't have roadies or nothing, you just do it all yourself?' and I was like 'yeah,' 'cool, you're like us' 'yeah i know!' that mentality is still the same, granted our means of travel has improved, but we've been touring straight for six or seven years, I think we've played close to 200 shows this year, we're living it, you gotta work your ass off.

Corey: If you guys were faking the cheese, these kids would smell you out.

Tony: These days that shit doesn't fly, you could get away with more bullshit before the internet was around. The way news travels now a days, your shit gets called out on the spot. That and touring, no more getting to a city and calling the promoter to find out where the club is, no mapquest, GPS and all thet bullshit. I still have a little notebook with all the directions scribbled in from the first Waste tour. I think I ran up my mom's phone bill like $400 in my old high school punk band, she wanted to kill me... to book a show in Cleveland and West Virginia, haha.

Dan: So recently you were involved with Rat Skates 'Get Thrashed' documentary...

Tony: Yeah, yeah, that was cool.

Dan: How'd you get hooked up with those dudes?

Tony: I think Earache hooked that up, or they asked Earache about us, we happened to be in New York at the time, set up the interview, I wish we had a little more time to prepare, we were all kinda hung over and stupid, but it was really cool to be a part of that.

Corey: The constant touring I'm sure gets rough, you guys have married, got kids?

Tony: None of us are married, some have girlfriends, no one has kids, doubt we'd be able to play 200 shows a year if we had kids.

Corey: Just wondering if y'all did or not, would make it hard, that's for sure.

Tony: I'd think so,by the end of the year it's gotta take it's toll, i mean we just had six weeks off, but that's been it since April.

Corey: What's the weirdest show you've played this year?

Tony: Boston! We played this place with GWAR and they wouldn't let kids dance, I think it was the worst show we played in years, I saw a kid jumping up and down while we were playing and watched five security guards grab him to pull him out, we cut our set short, we can't play this fucking place.

Corey: What newer bands have you been listening to lately anything lighting a fire under your ass?

Tony: Right now, there this new band Power Trip (Dallas, TX) that I've been liking a lot, kind of a Integrity hardcore/crossover pissed off punk vibe, really into them right now... Midnight (Cleveland, OH) of course... really stoked on their shit for the past few years.

Corey: That's my bro Jamie's band, yeah.

Tony: Yeah, I love Jamie man, I booked BOULDER in Richmond back in the day too, they had to cancel, I was pissed!

Corey: I love that band.

Tony: BOULDER rules, tried to get them down there, but it didn't work.

Corey: That's awesome, that's cool man so POWER TRIP.

Tony: Yeah check out POWER TRIP (bandcamp included) I like the new 7" the most, then they got an LP coming out.

Corey: What label are they on?

Tony: They just signed to Southern Lord, the 7" was on Lockin' Out, that hardcore label.

Corey: I've been digging the Weekend Nachos 'Worthless' record, they're doing a different spin on shit which I think is cool.

Tony: Me and Phil also started a new band called IRON REAGAN it's like fast hardcore, more pissed off, me, Phil and two guys who just left DARKEST HOUR. We have a demo cassette right now.

Corey: Kiffin from RWAKE just sent me BLOOD FEAST on cassette.

Dan: The horror movie?

Corey: No, the thrash band.

Tony: The horror movie's straight too, we used to watch Herschell Gordon Lewis flicks when I used to be a projectionist at this movie theater, it was an older theater and there was all these shitty old films we'd use to practice lining up the films and one of them was 'Color Me Blood Red' the Herschell Gordon Lewis movie, I was like 'what the fuck?' total original print so we threw a party, about 15 of us got wasted and watched 'Color Me Blood Red' I remember it had some cool 70's commercials at the beginning.

Dan: What other horror flicks are you into?

Tony: We ended up making a game to Dawn of the Dead the other night, we realized we hadn't seen this movie in like 15 years, we were kinda fucked up so we were figuring out celebrity names for each character in every scene, it was fun especially with all the different zombies. 'Gene Wilder, Ted Danson, Dave Chappelle, Gallagher... '

Dan: The krishna zombie that wandered away from the 108 show...

Tony: Yeah the blue Ray Cappo zombie!

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