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TITLE: The Last Exorcism
ACTORS: Patrick Fabian, Ashley Bell
DIRECTOR: Daniel Stamm
YEAR: Theatres: Aug 27, 2010 DVD: Jan 4, 2011


Written By: Rene Trujillo
May 22 2011

Filmed in the documentary Style which seems so prevalent now, especially since the success of films like The Blair Witch Project, The Last Exorcism, takes us on a horrific journey into the renewal of one man's faith.

The documentarian Iris Reisen (played by Iris Bahr) introduces us to Reverend Cotton Marcus (played by Patrick Fabian)  a man of the cloth who bases his career on exorcising demons from those who believe themselves to be possessed. 

A man born into the tradition, Rev. Marcus, over the years, has lost his faith and now uses his expertise as an exorcist/showman, not as a service for God, but as a tool to make money from those who are at a loss to explain away the "psychological" disorders which they all seem to suffer from.

Rev. Marcus agrees to let Iris document his story and to gain insight into his world, a world which, he himself, has chosen to walk away from.  This is to be his last exorcism, and he wants the world to see how the charlatans who prey on believers operate.

He picks up a letter, written by a desperate parent, which pleads for help in ridding a young woman, Nell Sweetzer (Ashley Bell),of demons.

Faithless and cynical, Rev. Marcus, kisses his family goodbye and strikes out to confront his destiny.

This is one of those movies which refreshes my own faith in the horror genre, it is well executed, even though the concept of documentary style has been severely overused.

It begins with the strength of a top notch documentary and ends with a twist that will also give you a renewed appreciation for horror filmmaking.  Films like this are rare, once every two years if we're lucky.

It plays on old theme of demon possession, but it germinates in the seemingly infertile soil of skepticism, grows into a twisting psychological thriller which will have you intrigued and finally flowers into a full blown paranormal scare fest!

Indeed, a solid horror experience throughout.
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