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Written By: Rene Trujillo
May 24 2011 artwork

Welcome everybody to the launch of! We are really stoked you stopped in to check us out.

Let me take a moment to tell you about this site; we really wanted to make it accessible to the community, as members you can write up articles and send them in to us, they could be reviews, articles, even a bit of your ramblings for our "Rants" section.  Now, we can't guarantee we will publish them, it all depends on how well they are written, but we do afford you the opportunity to get some of your stuff published.

In the section "Your Concerts" we encourage members to post about concerts happening in their area, whether it be mega stadium stuffers or a small unsigned band at a local club; let others know! You can also post your favorite videos in the "Your Vids" section of the site.

We really wanted to create something that not only highlights some of the great punk rock and metal bands out there, but also some bands many of you may have never heard of before and you, the community, are invited to be a part of it.

Now since thrashhead has just launched, we are a bit light on content right now, but we will keep adding to the site each week, hopefully everyday if we can, so be sure to drop in from time to time to check us out.

If you like the artwork above, you can grab some wallpapers and MP3s over  in the "Swag" section, we are giving away a free swag pack to celebrate our  "grand opening".

Take care and be sure and to connect with us on the social machines! If you tweet, follow us and we'll return the favor! (so long as you're not some evil spambot from hell :D )

Why not introduce yourself down below in our comments area? Tell us about the bands you like, what is it about these genres which make them so appealing to you; whatever you can think of, tell us!

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