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ALBUM: split 7”
YEAR: 2010

Hazy Morning Music Contact Joel and Angie

Written By: Attucks
May 15 2011

These two bands both hail from Denver Co., subsequently sharing a member. Both bands recorded at the same place by the singer/ guitarist for The TAINTS, Joel.

This is only the second time I have seen The Taints on vinyl. They were on a 12” comp called a Force To Be Wrecking With, about ten years ago. This is the first release from DOERSOVIT which have been gigging for about 5 years.

The TAINTS are up beat punk rock with good sing along lyrics, slightly out of tune but unmistakably good old beer swilling punk rock. Having two female members and two male brings about a kind of chaos I haven't heard since Blatz. Joel’s voice cracks and breaks as he emits his brand of yelling where Angie sounds a little more angry about it.

Out of the three songs on their side two tackle the politics of Manifest Destiny and right wingers where the other song is a stance against cool people.

DOERSOVIT come out of the gates a bit faster then The TAINTS. They remind me of a cracked out BIKINI KILL mixed with old 45 GRAVE.  I guess you could say they “do it” ha ha... They offer up four songs ranging in topics from hating on guys to hating on cops and courts to partying your ass off.

 Koshka plays bass for DOERSOVIT and plays guitar and sings for The TAINTS. The over all recording is pretty lo-fi and packaging is nothing fancy but doesn't need to be.

This one is all about punks having fun and drinking beers with each other, represented by the picture on the back. All the art work for both bands was drawn by Marc Wilson and borders somewhere between offensive and fucking hilarious. The inside provides all the lyrics and an extra bonus of some outrageous pictures. Cool car in the Taints picture and that's all I'm saying!

This record could have been done 20 years ago, easily and reminds me of the good old days. If you still consider yourself a real punk then this record is crucial to your collection.

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