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This Article Is Brought To You By : Profane Existence
Written By: Josh Mosh
May 24 2011  Un-fucking-believable!!!!!  I can't believe I am sitting here typing this, my intro, my editorial on the launch of the site.  But I am! As sure as Donald Trump has the weirdest haircut known to mankind, I am sitting here cranking the tunes of semi-obscure 80's UK thrashers 'ANHILATED' (yup one 'n', they thought it looked cooler that way) and typing up this very intro column.  This has been a dream of mine for years, to take the elements of some of the Punk and Metal related sites I frequent and put the twist of a passionate fan into them while striving for the upmost professionalism in layout and functionality.  Too many sites suck and don't cover the stuff I like and want to know about.

My aim is bring to the table interviews, articles and stories on, and related to, some of the best in Metal and Hardcore Punk.  I grew up listening to both genres and a lot of what you will see will reflect that.  But let's get something straight, I don't like pop-punk and this isn't going to the be the Heavy Metal gossip site or graveyard for trailer park metal bands.

With that said we really wanted to build a sense of community and we have provided you, the user, the reader, to submit articles and reviews with the click of a button and will always be open to feedback.  Knowing that we will not all agree on all bands all the time, we might just razz each other a bit, but we'll have a lot of fun. And, we always want to know how we can make this a better experience for you.

Life is a trip.  So many things have happened to me in the last few months that I really feel like I am living in a movie where some really gnarly plot twists are taking place.

I turned 40.  Damn...itseem like only yesterday we running wild in the streets of a small town in Colorado thinking we were punk as hell and fucking shit up.  Growing up was crazy, it seems like such a dream and so long ago.  We pushed it to the limit, no compromises and as a result some of us didn't make it out.  Thankfully many of us did.  And again, I am recently of the ripe ol' age of 40.  I'm not a kid, but, if you know me, you'd know that I'm not an adult either!  Adults are boring and hang out with other adults.  They do adult stuff and don't question their government or authority.  I say fuck that shit!  Music keeps us young and breaks down the barriers of age.  It keeps us skeptical of the "adults" and of authority.  I can hang with kids in the scene that I am old enough to be a parent of and not think anything of it.  I would have less in common with, and be more uncomfortable around their parents, my peers of age.  Music is youth.  Youth is rebellion.

My crue and I were putting together a big 40thb-day bash with some kick ass bands and were really excited about the party we were about to offer to Denver.  Then out of almost thin air we decided to break up the band I have been in for 15years.  CLUSTERFUX played their last two shows in March of this year.  The first showwas my 40th b-day bash at the Rockaway Tavern in Denver (with SMD (from LA) and EOS (GlenwoodSprings) and the second, was at the Blast O Mat (w/ DRIPFED and SMD).  It was incredibly emotional to play these shows and end the existence of a 15 year old pet project.  I still get a little teary eyed when I think about it and I miss it already.

As I was sitting there getting ready to send out theFacebook announcement that CLUSTERFUX was calling it a day I got a message from and old friend from Grand Junction.  He was putting together a reunion for the people of the Western Slope of Colorado this summer and wanted us to play it.  Like I said, CLUSTERFUX was done, I was getting ready to tell the world and CLUSTERFUX had only two shows left.  So our conversation quickly turned from the band I was in for the last 15 years to a band I was in 20 years ago, FIA.  Within minutes I had 3 of the members of FIA confirmed for a summer 2011 reunion show and shortly after I had the last member confirmed.  15 years washed away with a post on Facebook and the memories of 20 years ago resurrected in a flash!

One of my best friends for years and years, who even served time in CLUSTERFUX with me, put the final nails in the coffin that was becoming symbolic of his past.  Somewhere he decided that the friendships and bonds that he had forged with "us" were not as important as the new paths life was presenting to him, or, maybe forced on him.  He chose to abandon us and venture off on another course.  Even though I am hurt and I know others are hurt as well, I wish him luck.

But, as that door closed another one opened as Rene (the brains behind much of the creativity and functionality of  Thrashhead) and I reunited after about 23 years of separation. Although our reunion was digital and we have yet to re-meet face to faceI found it very emotional. Even his written words captured the excitement that was a key to his personality.  I could hear his voice and laughter with every typed word I read.  And now, I am still in disbelief we are working on this project together.

The doors of life open and shut, often without much, if any, warning.  What's behind the door is always a mystery and we have to take the good with the bad.  People change, the weather changes, musically styles and trends change and we roll with the punches.  Some folks give in and crack. They can't take the punches and they drown in social norms, trends, and fads; they too often giving in to what society tells them they should be and change to fit the mold.  Some of us hang on for life, knowing that it is in our blood and we couldn't shake it if we tried.  One thing I can't stand are dudes who I used to know that were bitchen' Metalheads but now are listening to GODSMACK or DISTURBED.  They caved, gave in, and  followed what has been recommended for them. The fucken' worst is old punk dudes I used to hang with and seeing themin a LINKIN PARK SHIRT or some shit.  But maybe the real let downs are the ones that seemed so true but don't even listent o music anymore and sold all their albums, CDs, or whatever.  They don't even listen to shitty Metal or Hardcore.  They turned their back on all of it.  What the fuck happened there?  How does that happen?  I get that we cant all have hair down to our asses anymore, or two foot tall mohawks, but to give it all up completely, to shrug the formative years off like they didn't matter and to now dwell in the world of FOX News and Wal-Mart with out even a tip of the hat to the past and the music we raised ourselves on? Trolls!  Stay true my friends, stand tall and stand proud.  In the wordsof the EXPLOITED "Don't let them grind you down"!

"Tyranny of Tradition is the only place to go to for articles about Unblackened Yachtcore and Albanian Symphonic Proto-Power Violence." -Mahatma G
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