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BAND: The Disconnects
ALBUM: ...Are Healthy
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Wes
Apr 11 2012

The Jersey shore stinks. Well, North Jersey does anyhow. Neptune City's The Disconnects are doing their part to give today's punks a healthy dose of real rock and roll with their six track debut EP aptly entitled ...Are Healthy. This record perfectly the bridges 70's era, ala Dead Boys and Sham 69, into the 21st century. They combine that classic approach with thick surf guitar licks that most shore core bands today can't wield. Songs like "Stranger" and "Livin' In The USA" are just as much relevant comments on today's society as they are tongue in cheek expressions of youthful enthusiasm.

With their very first release The Disconnects succeed in crafting very short and radio friendly songs but don't let that throw you because this band has an undisputed attitude that's fresh and all their own. They're not just another cookie-cutter radio band but on the same token, they refuse to fall into the category of "cookie monster" rock with their vocals aggressive but cleaned out. The record ends with "Frustration" and "Youth" which, like Chuck Berry and Eddie Cochran before them, succeed in expressing that specific kind of angst one only feels from growing up in American suburbs in a surprisingly accessible way for such a new band. The pledge of allegiance was never my thing either.

...Are Healthy comes on blood red cassettes or glow in the dark 12" wax only from Baldy Longhair Records. Look for their split 7" with fellow Jersey miscreants Crazy & The Brains and catch both bands on tour across the USA this July.

The Disconnects by Ethan Sklar

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