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BAND: The Dicks
ALBUM: These People / Peace
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Rick
Jan 30 2013

This is a remastered re-release of their second album and a three song EP that came out after half the band left and they moved from Austin to San Francisco. The band by this time had added a lot of bluesy type music to their songs and even though it added to it here and there, it does wear on the songs after a while.

Although the band did keep the great lyrics that they had, very political, the band itself just seems to be going in a sub DEAD KENNEDYS way. The band does have a lot of punkish traits still and a few hardcore songs left, it just doesn't grab me, it didn't back then and it still hasn't done much for me now. I do like the job that Jello Biafra did on the remastering, everything is clear and sounds great, the band plays like they mean it, but it just left me wanting more. The band just seems to be lacking the extra power to put it over the edge to me.

The album comes with a great booklet with all the lyrics and it's great that these old punk bands are getting their albums released again because a lot of people should experience the heritage of punk music. I would take a listen and pick it up if you are curious about the old days, but don't expect a ton of punk rage musically, but the lyrics have it in spades.


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