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BAND: The Bad Engrish
ALBUM: A Breed Apart 12” picture disc
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Attucks
Dec 16 2011

Punk rock Pogo masters of Denver return for a full length of pogo up your pogo ass pogo punk on a 12" picture disc. Holy diver! That's a lot of pogoing for one sentence. That is only a fraction of the pogo attack that will be perpetuated upon your brain by this piece of wax.

This is not just any picture disc but this particular one displays a drawing of E.T. with a studded vest, complete with leopard print collar, puffing a smoke that has been lit by his glowing finger, drinking a Coors and masturbating. A nice spray of green ejaculate is spraying out of his alien penis and up the side of the record. Well maybe its alien piss and I'm a pervert.

Fuck, their name is funny enough in itself. If you have never heard of Bad Engrish then be prepared for some kick ass Pogo Punk straight out of the Mile High City. They are reminiscent of Oxymoron but with a more hard rock and roll edge. Sucker of Oxymoron even did the cover art for their last C.D. a split with PUNX ATTAX also on Joe Pogo records.

I've got to say this vinyl is really well produced. The mix is crystal clear, very pro sounding. This isn't a bunch of little kids playing punk for the weekend. All though a lot of this record is making fun and about having fun, you can tell they put some effort into the recording. Sal's ripping solos and catchy riffs should sate any street punker's appetite. Steady drumming leads this booze soaked parade along. Gordy's commanding vocals bark over top some great mid tempo punk. The song APG and Most Hated Punks are two songs that get stuck in my head. All in all it is a really catchy record.

Usually when bands put out picture discs all you get is what is in the picture on the record and that's it. Not in this case. Included is a full color lyric sheet with accompanying photos of the band and their friends drinking and playing shows.

The Bad Engrish by NoLessThanArika

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