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BAND: Tormenta
ALBUM: Tomented Souls EP
YEAR: 2011

Self Released

Written By: Rene Trujillo
Jun 16 2011


From the smallest Asian country and primarily Islamic island nation of the Maldives comes one of the biggest thrash sounds I have heard in quite some time....ladies and gentlemen let me present to you TormentA!

First track on....yep, immediately a hard and clean style of thrash flows forth from shuddering speakers , a style that is obviously gained from a meticulous study of both the old and new schools and which is, thankfully, not ruined by the embellishments so commonly found on many thrash metal albums.

It is apparent from the first note this band has a lot going for them; growling vocals which, as previously hinted at, aren't too deep and can be understood, backed by an almost Suicidal Tendencies style of rhythm and guitar work.

As I said, the album is not overdone, its backs off just enough to be thoroughly enjoyed and does not overpower the listener.   Surprisingly, these guys are still unsigned and I tell you, before they make it big, I would love to see them live in a smaller venue, like Iguana's in Tijuana (wonder if it's still around) it's definitely music worth risking life and limb for  in the flesh vortex of the pit.

The opening track really sets the tone; air raid sirens with screams and then, a serious throwing down of chords  soon followed by a good blast beat...yessss!

On the track "Hours of Darkness" you can hear echoes of classic Metallica and songs like  "Illumi Nation" build you up into an aggro mood with ease, but in a good way, this is unadulterated mosh material!

Matter of fact, listening to the six songs, I can't find much fault with the album, I think, no, I KNOW, if you are into thrash metal, you will flip (off a stage) when you hear this.

The band members are (check these names):  MU-K does the great growls (similar to those offered by Crown/ One Man Army and the Undead Quartet front man Johan Lindstrand); J3355Y Thumps a sick four string keeping pace with DHAI's  insane, machine gun beats...and the guitars of LAI and MABY are tandem power sources of ripping perfection!

Their names make me think of passwords to some kind of database, like they are enslaved by the machine which was once depicted as a mechanical contraption (i.e. the meat grinder in Floyd's the wall), and is now represented by a network of intermingled optic fibers which records and displays every little aspect of your life (read the social machines).

I am serious, this EP is a very solid start for, you think I might be exaggerating according to my own tastes because of the pure stokage (that's a real word, look it up in the Oxford unabridged dictionary between Back and Off) this little disc produced; but you can always check 'em out for youself by watching their vid below.

ARRRRRGH got to break something!!!




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