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BAND: Tenderizor
ALBUM: Touch The Sword
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Josh Mosh
Nov 25 2011

"Genres?...We don't need no stinking genres!" And so went the first rehearsal for New Mexico desert baked rockers TENDERIZOR. If you have ever been to Albuquerque you know it is a weird town and with that it is no surprise that a band of this magnitude was spawned in the desert city, probably all the radiation from caves full of nuclear waste that has affected the ground water.

This is an album that borrows from so many styles it can get confusing at time but is so brilliant at the same time. Musically they jump from JUDAS PRIEST style metal to grind core to droning, stoner, trance inducing noise rock while keeping a thrash foundation. At times I feel like I am listening to a more DIY, less polished 3 INCHES OF BLOOD. The metal that emits from the spinning red wax would get an approving headbang from the likes of RIOT and even the PRIEST themselves. Hell at times the singer guy sounds so much like Halford on 'Painkiller' it the makes hair on my nape stand up.

I can only imagine the crown at one of their shows and the eclectic mix of rocker types that might be milling about. Through the stink of the pit I can see New Wave of Thrash type dudes mixing with some grind-core kats, some straight up metal guys, and a healthy heap of bar dwelling, bearded hipsters. And in the corner there are even a few crust punx pounding PBRs.

The record was released in 2010 but we only got in the POBox about 2 weeks ago...Touch the Sword if you dare!

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