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BAND: Temple Of Dagon
ALBUM: Rituals Of The Deep
YEAR: 2014


Written By: Fish
Aug 26 2014

If you live in the L.A. area and actually get out to shows, then you have probably heard the name TEMPLE OF DAGON, as these dudes are very active in their area. And with one previous demo released, you may have even had the opportunity to listen to their music. If not, let's talk about this.....

Finally releasing their first full length album, "Rituals Of The Deep", TEMPLE OF DAGON have really delivered something screaming with pure fucking brutality! This is a grind/crust hybrid absolutely reminiscent of some of the most brutal South American bands I have loved for years! Holy shit, this is not only energetic and angry, but even aesthetically melodic with bridging riffs in all the right places! And the vocal dueling going down is heavy, aggressive protestation!

TEMPLE OF DAGON are Dwayne on vocals, Kyle on guitars, Alex on bass, and Gio on drums, and hail from North Hollywood.

Kicking off "Rituals Of The Deep" is a brief instrumental, "The Living Void", building in its tempo until it just drops you into "Beyond The Limits Of Sleep", a wild hell ride of pure brutality! Boom, just like that! And it just doesn't stop! But by the time I made it to "Slayer Of Ancients" I was in for a real treat! Melodic riffs opened this track up before unleashing a blasting fury once again!

Running time on "Rituals Of The Deep" is just under a half hour, and the versatility offered within each of the 8 tracks is astonishingly refreshing! This is truly sick! All in all, these guys get a huge thumbs up for this album!

"Rituals Of The Deep" is currently available in digital form for download and streaming on BandCamp, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play, with talks of a vinyl already in the works.

TEMPLE OF DAGON can also be followed and contacted on Facebook so you can keep up apprised of future tour info and grab a copy of that vinyl from the band!!


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