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ALBUM: The Vision Of Fading Mankind (split)
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Brian Brinson
Nov 30 2011

The ancient tradition of the split album is still among us, in this case bringing two of France's hardcore Spiritual Satanist groups, TEMPLE OF BAAL and RITUALIZATION together on a 7-track metal onslaught, to be released on November 29th, 2011 in Europe and February 14th, 2012 in North America on Agonia Records. Both of these bands, although quite distinct from one another, have both accomplished the crossover that is blackened death/thrash, combining every one of the foundational extreme metal styles together to truly give release to the beast!!

TEMPLE OF BAAL, formed in 1998, and having already given rise to three of their own amazing albums, is comprised of Amduscias (vocals and guitar), Alastor (guitars and backing vocals), Arkdaemon (bass and backing vocals) and Skvm (drums). This purely energized quartet begin the split with "Ordeals of the Void", immediately giving the quality of pure evil and headbanging metal in all its glory!! Two tracks down the line, "Slaves to the Beast" comes in with only a briefly ambient intro before raw metal riffs and gravelly vocals tear down the thrashy path of their signature style of brutality, and is delivered penultimately prior to the last of their 4-track contribution to this offering of defiance.

RITUALIZATION was formed in late 2005-2006 by Infamist (guitars) and Blastum (drums) just jamming together until Warchangel (vocals) joined them in September of the same year, soon followed by Krig (bass). RITUALIZATION was now complete and began recording the following year. Although focusing mainly on live performances to assist the exposure of their dark ritualistic act, they have one rehearsal tape and two demos loose on the planet, consisting of four tracks apiece. In the summer of 2011, Set (second guitars) teamed up with this demonic association to help them fulfill the height of their sound, and to this end have given them a complete, well-rounded blackened string orchestration of pure Satanic embodiment!!

"Ave Dominus" initiates RITUALIZATION's emergence into this teamed effort, making glaringly evident right away the evil brutality contained within their incantations!! Their final contribution, "The Devil Speaks In Tongues", is no less intense than the previous two tracks, making this album an extremely devilish collection of amazingly hardcore French metal!! A must hear!!

Temple of Baal - Slaves To The Beast ( Paris 05 02 2010 ).wmv by 666vassil

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