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BAND: T3nguska
ALBUM: T.P. Forever (demo)
YEAR: 2012


Written By: Fish
Nov 26 2012

T3NGUSKA, pronounced "ten-goose-ka", and named after Tenguska, Siberia, an area blasted by an unknown force in 1908, are a 3 piece act out of Southern Oregon's Rogue Valley who have developed an ambient classic psychedelic rock/metal indie doom fusion that beckons the listener to join them on a journey through parallels. Their debut demo, "T.P. Forever" (that's Tom Petty, for those inevitable frat house thinkers) presents 4 tracks spanning an approximate half hour of experimental instrumentalslayered in a masterful blend of unique composition.

Self labeling their own style as "3rd World Amerikana Roots Sludgerock/Power-Prog-Doomgaze", Ian Stuart on guitars and vocals, Mike Marlow on bass and vocals, and Alex Cadaver on drums and percussion produce a tantalizing blend of harmonies and augmentations inspired by the likes of Tom Petty (who would have thought), The Melvins, Candlemass, Cathedral and
Saint Vitus. I know, interesting business, right? Opening with a track titled "March of the Hashashin/Earthorse Stomp",you can certainly believe this this calliope of intrigue are just that,however, as awesome as these guys lay it down, the concern here is in the audio quality. True to the tennets of demos, this one is not lacking in the grainy white noise evident of a home recording. The only real loss though is in the vocal volumes. The music itself remains testament to the purity of form T3NGUSKA take as professed by these 4 tomes of downright captivating groove.

Although just releasing "T.P. Forever", T3NGUSKA are already preparing their next release, working with a few changes to inlude the addition guitarist Jamie Scheelhaase. T3NGUSKA offer "T.P. Forever" for free download and can be followed for future updates on Facebook.


Founded by legendary rider Tony Magnusson and Mike Ternasky in 1986,H-Street Skateboards began a revolution which continues to this day.
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