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Written By: Dave
Nov 12 2012

sylosis pauses for a picture

Well, let me start this off by thanking Diego, Sylosis' tour manager, for working around my his and the band's hectic schedule and to Sylosis for giving me a chance to watch them live and offer me a couple of minutes to talk with them for a bit after their set.

I want to say if this tour is coming to a city near you beg, borrow or steal to go see it!!!! Sylosis, Hatebreed, In Flames and Lamb of God!! I have just recently been turned on to SYLOSIS!!! This may be the NEW, NEW WAVE of BRITISH HEAVY METAL!!! You tube has a way of bringing you to cool shit even when you aren't trying. I had checked out some earlier vid's by these guys and was stoked. Original line up had 5 guys and had the screamo down pat. Since then Josh has taken over the duties of both lead guitar and vocals!!( Monolith is a heavy helping of what I still consider Death Metal. The vocals are great and the music is tight. Chuck (Death) would be proud. When I asked him about this after the show he was very honest and said he was a little scared at first about his front man capabilities. He said he wasn't one of those guys that can pull off "Hey all you fuckers let's get this going". Well, I am here to tell you, YES HE FUCKING CAN!!!!! He had energy and kept his comments on stage to a quick thank you and intro and then right back into the music. I highly suggest picking up there new cd Monolith!!! It is chock full of great music and growling vocals!! Their set was a short 25 minutes which isn't enough time to get the full effect of their music.

We met Diego, at the buses per his instructions. He went into the RV to fetch Josh and out he came with his...No. No big bottle of hooch or a mirror piled high with goodies. He came rolling out with his paper cereal bowl filled with cranberries and oatmeal. Now that's how I like to end a ripping set of live fucking heavy metal!!!

I started off the interview with how old are you guys?? (Us old fuckers gotta know) Josh (lead vox and guitars) is 27 and Carl (bass player) is 28. Young guys as far as I was concerned!! Do you guys have day jobs? Josh replied "Not really right now. I teach a little guitar and focus on our music." Carl responded ""I work for Xbox." I said Xbox? Like the game? "Oh yeah. I am a Functional Team Leader in charge of team testing." So you get to play the games? Laughter and "yes, Yes I do."

When I talked with Josh and Carl they were both pleased with the amount of set time and appreciated all the bands on the set list. Josh said Chris from Lamb of God was a big part in getting them on this bill. Sylosis have played a stack of gigs back home in the UK. In fact, they had played with Lamb of God a couple of times in Ireland. Both of them said that 2011 Sonosphere was the best big festival they have played. Josh commented "We played the same stage the next morning where Metallica had played the night before. I am standing in the same spot that James Hetfield stood in last night. That was really cool!" That brought me to my next question, Influences?? Carl and Josh both "Metallica. We are big Bay Area Trash fans. But definitely Metallica." Josh went on to say that Sepultura and Vio-Lence were huge parts of his influence also. Which Metallica album? Master or Ride the Lightning did it for you??(Cuz I don't count And Justice) Josh "And Justice for All definitely! That was a big album for us." Testament or Anthrax??? Carl and Josh simultaneously "TESTAMENT!!!"

How do you guys feel about the opening night of the tour? Carl casually replied "We were worried about the monsters in the equipment but everything was great." The entire show was spot on flawless!! Lights and sound were incredible." When asked which of their 3 albums best displays Sylosis? Josh replied "Monolith." I would have to agree with him. Growth and experience shows through on this album.

I asked favorite guitar player? And both guys love Dime!!! They both agreed that not only his playing was influential but him as a person as well.

My last question was Cd? Vinyl ?or Download? Carl's response was Download. "I like to just pull it up and listen". Josh on the other hand was totally into the cd experience. He says he likes the whole package. "Buy the cd, listen to it in the car then download it on the computer. I love the whole thing." I told him I was the same way. I have to have the whole package. Liner notes and who do the bands thank!!

I didn't want to take up to much more of their time given it was the first night of the tour and I know they had better things to do then sit around with my old ass!!!. Josh informed me that this tour ends December 16th and then Sylosis is back over the waters to HEADLINE some shows. This would be awesome to see a full plate of what Sylosis has to serve up!!!

Go see the show!! At the very least pick up their new cd MONOLITH!!!! You won't be disappointed!!!

Sylosis - Sonisphere Knebworth 2011 by sylosistv

Four "well seasoned" veterans of the Boston Punk and Hardcore scene!
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