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BAND: Sutekh Hexen
ALBUM: Larvae
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Cassie
Mar 13 2012

Spawning from the west coast and comprised of original ex-Cattle Decapitation vocalist/guitarist Scott Miller (guitars/vocals/percussion/electronics), Kevin Gan Yuen (guitars/electronics) and Lee Camfield (bass/tape manipulation/electronics), Sutekh Hexen's 'Larvae' is the band's second full-length along side a handful of demos and EPs that were released within a span of only a couple of years. I've actually heard this band's first full-length release, 'Luciform', and for whatever reason it just didn't grab my attention unlike 'Larvae'. So when this came my way, I was curious for sure but eager to give Sutekh Hexen another listen.

With only three tracks 'Larvae' audibly pushes to the listener through melancholic, disturbing, delicate, hazy, heartfelt and crushing components. 'Isvar Savasana' begins with a pulse of eerie textures almost sounding like the wind blowing dry leaves in the beginning of fall followed by calming strums of guitars that are taken over by a chaotic storm that destroys and taking it to the final kill of this piece. 'Lead Us In Warfare' is my personal favorite. I truly felt as if it was directing my mentality towards what is inevitably going to be war. Nightmarish vocals and screams accompany the low distorted tones of noise throughout and leading into a march that ends with a halt making me feel as if I should be ready for the order to attack and anticipate the next move of the enemy. And finally 'Let There Be Light' which features spoken words by Dwid Hellion (Integrity) and who also lent a hand in the artwork for this release. Dwid's raspy but calming dialogue over acoustic guitars is long enough for you to get lost in that transcending dark and soothing abyss. For this second half of the song, which almost sounds like the beginning of another song completely, the noise elements come out guns blazing and quickly births a looped riff with more noise elements followed by another guitar softly introduced and gradually increased with volume into this cornucopia of maddening auditory mesh developing into its final rhythmic path. The layers of the ending part of this track are very complementing if you give it a chance to reel you in.

Compared to 'Luciform' I felt 'Larvae' had more focus to it and I am normally not the biggest fan of the noise/experimental but took the approach of listening to Sutekh Hexen again with a soundtrack mentality along with mixing in some depressive feelings as of late and engaging in my dark imagination that is only fueling my desire to check out more of their other releases and re-visit 'Larvae' again and again.

Sutekh Hexen - Isvar Savasana by DroneEvil1

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