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Written By: Rene Trujillo
Jun 24 2011

Here at Thrash Head we have made a decision to create a magazine that not only contributes articles and insights concerning music, but also, to make a concerted effort to write about social issues which affect us all as human beings.

"Hey, wtf?! I want to know about the new Anthrax album or what Keith Morris is up to, not this crap!" you might say, which is fine; we have many other articles which may appeal to you.  But, as we have seen recently with the social awakening of repressed people around the world due to digital media, we understand that information is absolutely vital for all people across all nations to evolve into a mindset which could perhaps avoid what seems to be an impending "apocalypse" created through the corruption, apathy and violence born from an ignorance which, even in our so called "enlightened stage" of human evolution, we have so stubbornly clung to; a self-induced blindness to the realities around us that we gladly accept in exchange for materialist comforts of cheap goods and instant gratification.

Now, before I get started on this rant, let me just explain a bit about myself, I am by no means "militant" in most of my philosophies, I am well aware that to be such can be very counterproductive due to the fact that a majority of people are steadfast in their own belief systems and will only sway when they see through example and how certain philosophies can better their own standard of living.

Certain radical organizations, have shown that, by adhering to their own beliefs in saving our planet they have disregarded their fellow man, even hurting or killing individuals who were doing nothing more than trying to provide for their families.   None of these groups will be mentioned here.  I for one,  consider that most of this worlds ills can be solidly resolved through education and example.  Many of the tactics of these organizations appeal to only certain elements within society and allow the establishment to easily label them "radical", which in turn , set many struggles back years, even decades and permit the average person on the street to disregard the underlying message these groups are trying to convey.

People are always going to be motivated by the need to clothe, shelter  and feed themselves; we have to realize that in order to help people understand what needs to be done, we have to give them an alternative which will meet those needs; you can't walk up to someone and act like a pompous idiot shouting: "You Can't Do That!!", you don't like being told what to do or believe,  I don't like being told what to do or believe and most certainly the rest of humanity doesn't either.   We see more success with groups that go into impoverished communities and teach people how to become more productive and profitable by using the resources they have to their fullest advantage, whether it's urban farming or industrial recycling ...we don't however see much success with violent protest, it seems to only draw like minded individuals to those groups while alienating the average person who mainly concern  themselves with survival.

Finally, after decades of discussion and conflict, the powers that be within the geopolitical and socioeconomic structures which govern the western world have come to realize that it is necessary to address certain global environmental issues.  Not because of the devastating effects which will most likely occur if apathy is left unchecked, but because it will mean, in capitalist terms, a loss of profit in the future as "emerging markets" (the last open frontier for corporations) decline into conflicts stemming from a struggle over resources, which in turn means disruptions in supply chains and loss of investment or investment opportunities (plus it's good P.R.).

Now, for whatever reason many companies have decided to go "green", it matters little at this point in time, even though some have actually found to their delight that doing so actually increases profit.  What's important however, is that finally things such as sustainable development are being discussed and even implemented, from sustainable city planning to generation of power through renewable/inexhaustible sources such as wind.

We are thankfully seeing some nations within the third world, the so called "emerging markets" previously mentioned, are already turning to organizations that may help them with sustainable development so as to prepare their populace and infrastructure for the onslaught of investment which is now  just beginning to trickle in.  Some of these nations are well aware that, not only do they have to be prepared to offer the foundations needed to appeal to business investment, but they also have to maintain control over their resources so as not to leave their nation worse off than before. Oddly a model for this mentality is Rwanda, a nation that roughly 17 years after a horrible genocide, is seeking to become a center for tech investment and is actively pursuing an architectural rebirth of Kigali to become a major African business hub.

Unfortunately, in most cases we don't see this taking place, many in the third world are leaving themselves open for outright abuse by developed nations desperate to find a source for economic recovery  and increased profitability.

With what we see in the news, economic uncertainty, pending financial meltdowns of European nations which could cause a ripple effect across the entire globe, unrest and a social awakening in the Middle East, War, etc, etc, etc....let us realize that it's not politically much different than twenty, forty, sixty, a thousand years ago.  It really isn't...not yet.

Yes, it may seem things are a bit apocalyptic (hence the tagline of our site) but, again, not yet.  In order to avoid getting to that point, it is imperative everyone tries, even on a small scale, to participate in making this world a better place.  For some it could mean switching out old light bulbs for longer lasting energy saving light bulbs, for others it may mean dedicating a life time to volunteer work in developing nations.  As long as each one of us, tries to play their part, I for one, have hope for the future of this planet.

Each one of us is different, I will not judge another lest I be judge, right?  All I can do is my part, it may not be as much as you do, it may be more. He may eat meat, she may be vegan, she may be a lumberjack, he may be a conservationist...the point is, one should begin at home, people will ask questions, share your thoughts and through peace let's try to inch forward to a better humanity.  Only through dialogue, understanding, and tolerance, will there be any chance of true success.

And since some of the vile corporations who have politicians in their pocket and who have been strip mining this planet for centuries have seemingly, even if for selfish reasons, realized that they can make a buck or two through being "environmentally conscious" , now is the best time in human history to become an active participant in saving our civilization, our home and the species we share it with.

I leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Diogenes Laertius, a Cynic, which oddly enough, in its original context meant someone who adhered to the philosophy that the purpose of life was to live a life of virtue in agreement with nature...dig that!

" The foundation of every state is the education of its youth"

So I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce you to some resources where you could learn a bit more on what you can do as an individual, some you may know, others you may not:

The Earth Charter Initiative

"The Earth Charter is a declaration of fundamental ethical principles for building a just, sustainable and peaceful global society in the 21st century. It seeks to inspire in all people a new sense of global interdependence and shared responsibility for the well-being of the whole human family, the greater community of life, and future generations. It is a product of a decade-long, worldwide, cross cultural dialogue on common goals and shared values."


"Appropedia is the site for collaborative solutions in sustainability, poverty reduction and international development through the use of sound principles and appropriate technology and the sharing of wisdom and project information."


"The Citizens Network for Sustainable Development (CitNet) is an independent, non-profit voluntary network bringing together US based organizations, communities, and individuals working on sustainability issues across the US."

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