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BAND: Superchrist
ALBUM: Holy Shit
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Wes
Apr 17 2012

superchrist band portrait

When I initially heard the Chicago three-piece known as SUPERCHRIST it struck me as very refreshing that finally someone is doing some heavy old school rock worship and doing it right. Here's a band who has been kicking the collective ass of the eastern underground since the mid 2000's and really coming into their own with their latest album entitled "Holy Shit".

Not only have Superchrist been decimating eardrums for years, but they've been doing it in a very quiet and DIY fashion. Their impressive back catalog includes five other fairly strong full-length records under their championship beer belts and "Holy Shit" cements a sturdy place for them among some of today's best up and coming hard hitting American rock and roll bands.

"Holy Shit" continues on the trail that Superchrist began to blaze way back in the politically turbulent days of 2002. Imagine hearing the best of Bon Scott AC/DC, the worst of Dickenson Maiden and all biker fueled and studded leather fury of past bands like At War and Nasty Savage attacking you through your speakers all at once. The vocals are not emotive per say but contain the right amount of experience to be poignant and, at times, even moving. Tracks like "Burn Again" and "PAMF" come from a real place and you can tell that this is a band that actually lives and/or lived what they sing about. The lyrics come from a very "no bullshit" kind of place and I really respect that about bands of this type; the ones who dive head first into riffs backed by rapid fire drumming like the revving of engines over a Louisiana gun show, the stink of gumbo thick in the morbid heat. The city is hot tonight and Superchrist have arrived to kick some ass and chew some bubble gum; can you guess which one they're all out of?

Bottom line: if you never heard Superchrist before, this album'll teach ya to fuck like a priest and if you're still not drunk enough, there will be plenty more beer metal where that came from! Go rot your brain with "Holy Shit" out now on Hell's Headbangers and catch them on tour with select east coast dates this month.

  • 4/21 Lansing, MI @ Mac's Bar
  • 4/22 Pittsburgh @ Howlers
  • 4/23 Brooklyn @ Saint Vitus Bar
  • 4/25 Baltimore @ Side Bar
  • 4/26 Columbus, OH @ Kobo
  • 4/28 Chicago @ Ultra Lounge

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