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BAND: Sunshine SS
ALBUM: Teen Choices 7"
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Josh Mosh
Nov 25 2011

SUNSHINE SS play gritty hardcore punk that is dirty and angry in that early BLAG FLAG way. In fact SUNSHINE SS do an amazing job of capturing that early USHC sound while keeping it fresh and entertaining.

The guitar tone, the palm muted strumming, again it's all there and it's just killer. The riffs are raw and heavy, kinda' like a dead cow with a future in ground beef. The drums deliver exactly what is needed to keep the songs moving along, pummeling anything that gets in the way, but never going astray. Everyone in the band really seems to know their role and what needs to be done.

The vocals of Walt Liquor capture the frustration of early adulthood and deliver their tales of angst with the perfect amount of snot and attitude.

I had a lot of fun listening to this record and flipped it several times before even attempting to write this. At first glance, with the minimal packaging, I didn't think this record was going to amount to much. The cover art seemed clever and there was a sticker, but no info and the lyrics weren't printed (just the choruses?). But after the first spin my attention was grabbed and I had the excited feeling you get when you discover a new band. This is one I will certainly be telling my friends about and looking for tour dates to see if there is a Denver show in their future...

Sunshine SS at the Get Down in Asheville, NC by April Novak

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