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BAND: Suicidal Tendencies
YEAR: 2013
Written By: Fish
Jul 17 2013

suicidal tendencies 13 record cover

13 years after releasing their previous studio effort, Cyco Mike-O and crew are back with 13 new tracks on an all new studio release stylishly titled "13". Quaint, isn't it? Right from the start, Muir comes out proclaiming their return by chanting repeatedly, "Suicidal's back!!". And, indeed, they are.

Now, die hard cycos will certainly appreciate this addition into the journey SUICIDAL TENDENCIES have shared since the early, angst riddled years of their inception, as Muir continues to carry the message of his ever evolving wisdom with him. And "13" truly is a testament to that journey. The raw, riveting hardcore thrash edge SUICIDAL TENDENCIES gave the world is still here, coupled with the groove they have diligently perfected in their own signature style over the years.

mike muir and suicidal tendencies

With super cyco groovy catchy riffs, locomotive tempos with Cyco Mike-O's signature lyrical speed, super high energy level jazz infusion Infectious Grooves elements in parts, as well as slower pieces of guitar work with bass leads, these guys give us something that is truly enjoyable here. Every part of what they have developed over the years comes through on this album! What a treat!

Old school cycos may have a tough time fitting it in to their image of ST in the early '80s, but for the fan base that has followed the journey, this will fit just right in your disc player.

Recorded between 2002 and 2012 with the help of longtime producer Paul Northfield, "13" may be 11 years of work for ST, but it is 13 tracks of bad ass brand new material hot off the presses! Score this lavishly encased disc now in your favorite record store, right on their website, or better yet, visit their site and find out when their tour hits your town and do this shit legit by buying a copy directly from the band at a show!

Suicidal Tendencies - Cyco STyle by suicidaltendencies

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