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BAND: Strong Intention
ALBUM: Razorblade Express
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Wes
Apr 20 2012

strong intention playing live

Maryland bands never fall short on extremity. Since the mid 90's Baltimore's STRONG INTENTION have been punishing the underground with their own blend of New York influenced hardcore infused and sludgy grindcore.

Their unique sound has allowed them longevity enough to play and tour with such undisputed punk rock acts as DISFEAR, PHOBIA, E.N.T., ROTTEN SOUND, D.R.I., LOCK-UP and MISERY INDEX among others over an extensive career; but they're just getting started.

Strong Intention's latest, entitled RAZORBLADE EXPRESS is no exception. Six brutal tracks which quickly pummel through this record like piss melting through snow. The title track to which features a brilliant vocal guest spot by Mike IX Williams of EYEHATEGOD, ARSON ANTHEM and OUTLAW ORDER.

It's a real doomed ripper and a severe contrast to the five other nasty cuts on this record. All of which display the perfect "in your face" hardcore approach which only east coast bands could ever truly pull off.

The first pressing is limited to 500 so this isn't one to sleep on. Give us vinyl or give us death!


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