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BAND: Strike Master
ALBUM: Vicious Nightmare
YEAR: 2011


Written By: Rene Trujillo
Dec 19 2011

strike master vicious nightmare cover art by Mark Riddick

Mexico has some insane metal, and the fans are equally insane, but if you live here you wouldn't know it by what the media feeds you. Matter of fact, in all my years, I don't think I have ever heard Televisa or TVAzteca mention a single metal outfit. Hell, some radio stations will only play Metallica, post-black album of course, none of the good stuff mind you, and maybe the larger Cities like Monterrey , Mexico City and Guadalajara they might have some metal DJs who know their music, but I wouldn't know, cause I don't listen to stations from those cities and the stations around where I live well, I only listen to 'em if I don't have a choice while driving around.

Here, Heavy Metal, is what serious hardcore punk is in the states, it's straight up underground. Once in awhile as you tool around the country you'll see a headbanger wearing their Kreator t-shirt proudly...that is until a show rolls into town, then it gets crazy!

Metal fans in Mexico are famous, so much so, that even Spike Cassidy from crossover legends D.R.I mentioned them in an interview he did with us. And shows at venues like the Circo Volador are legendary.

Good thrash isn't that hard to come by, you just need to know where to look and one of those places is the mega city of Mexico and it is precisely where these guys hail from.

Strike Master, to put it simply, rips! This album is incredible all the way through, tight and clean axes with some sick drum work that could hold up against all comers and they have that thrash crunch down pat!

The album takes off like a patriot missile but, in this case, hits its mark perfectly; classic thrash approach to the rhythms, you can almost see these guys rocking back and forth in unison oldschool style, cymbal tapping which I haven't heard in a long ass time.

The cool thing about this too, is that their singer "Colonel KMU" sings in the way thrash bands of old did; he belts it out with passion and fury but doesn't Cookie monster his way through it. I dunno about you, but the deep growling vocal style is one I wouldn't mind seeing less of; I enjoy hearing what the dude is singing about. His voice falls somewhere in the range between the Chilean great Tom Araya and Tom Angelripper. That's a wide range and a perfect place to be.

Goddamn, if these guys were around back in the day, they would've have been puking up copious amounts of beer at the Metallica house and bashing posers right alongside Paul Baloff ! Strike Master would have had the crowd frothing at the mouth and leaving "blood on the stage" from all the manic headbanging .

Shit, this album rips! Fast tempos and sick choruses throughout; "Inflexible Steel" is a great example, at about 3:05 into the track it suddenly slows like a toy winding down, setting a the timing, preparing for what's to come, lead guitar comes in and you are getting a blissful taste of your NWOBHM style leads thrown into a thrash pit fuggin' credible!! Truly badass!

I gotta tell ya, this album didn't bore me once! It is engaging and exhilarating, one hell of a fine example of what thrash metal was, is and should forever be and all the while still sounding fresh. As Obama loves to say over and over, "make no mistake" this is not some collection of rehashed riffs from yesteryear! I couldn't imagine what kind of sound would come through if they put an album out with a producer like Harris Johns (Sodom, Kreator, Coroner, etc) or Rick Rubin (Slayer, Metallica, Sabbath, etc) in the studio with 'em.

This album is not actually new mind you, it was first released back in '09 I believe, but it wasn't easy to come by in the states and this release has a different cover featuring the art of Mark Riddick on it...very cool indeed, and it's been finally released stateside by Metalhit!

¡Estos Chilangos si son metaleros de verdad, Viva La Raza!

Have a listen and download Track 07 "Prophetic Chemical Death" now!




Four "well seasoned" veterans of the Boston Punk and Hardcore scene!
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