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BAND: Stone Titan
ALBUM: Super Giant
YEAR: 2011

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Written By: Attucks
Sep 14 2011

I came upon STONE TITAN playing their second show of the night in a local bar, the first being at the Blast-o-Mat. The bar tender decided to let them play last minute since there wasn't anything going on in there that night.

Needless to say the p.a. system could not handle there brutal wall of stoner noise at all and it was only running vocals. They jammed extra heavy still and I knew I had to buy something from them. Plus the singer had a fringed leather jacket on, bad ass!

Somewhere between ELECTRIC WIZARD and SLEEP we find STONE TITAN. Well maybe a little closer to SLEEP than ELECTRIC WIZARD. This Connecticut based band has that kind of groove that only comes from the two afore mentioned bands and a healthy obsession with BLACK SABBATH. But, there is something extra about their tunes though, a rough edge maybe.

On the tape the vocals seem to come drifting in from another plane of existence. Echoing out tons of reverb that make it sound almost like he is chanting the earthly words of some ancient scroll.

One thing that I don't like about some doomy sludge bands is that lack of guitar solos. This power trio has the chops though. STONE TITAN boasts real solos that seem to be two guitars ripping licks over one another at times.

They remind me a little of the old Denver band TURAMBAR. Super tuned down guitar and blaring bass carry the first side of this cassette through its three giant songs. The b side of the tape is Live at the Electric. This side's sound quality is suffering a little especially in the vocals department.

There is an old saying. "Your band is only as good as your drummer." I agree with that statement and I think this band suffers from that. The drummer doesn't ever really seem to put any kind of signature or style into it, real basic stuff. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying he is bad, just that I think it needs a tad more effort. Still this is a pretty grooving tape. I dig it for sure and if you worship the slow and heavy then I am sure you will dig it as well. Check them out live if you get a chance.

Stone Titan - Stone Titan (May 8th, 2010 The Meatlocker NJ) by StoneTitanDoom

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